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The Auto Insurance Broker: An Agent of the Insurance World



The Auto Insurance Broker: An Agent of the Insurance World

In today’s digital age, a number of processes of various industries are shifting online. As multiple devices let you access the internet at any time and any place, customers can get the information they want at their fingertips. The insurance industry is making use of this technology and reaching out to customers through their websites and mobile applications. Customers are able to file claims, submit documents and view policy details on their phones now.

Then Why Do We Need Brokers?
You may wonder when everything is getting digitalized, why are brokers required for auto insurance Calgary? If customers can shop online, what is the purpose of in-person support? Are brokers really needed in a world that’s surrounded by the internet?

The answer is yes! In fact, brokers are as important today as they were before. In spite of all the digitalization and internet facilities, nothing can replace the support and guidance a broker can offer.

The Numbers Say It All
Brokers are still the most common purpose method for auto insurance. As per a study, 74% of customers use the internet to get quotes for their car insurance, but only 25% actually buy their policy online. We still need an in-person contact who is readily available on the phone to make the purchase. In spite of all our high-end gadgets and easy-to-use applications, we value human contact above anything else. Thus, a virtual agent, a mobile application or a website may not be good enough to sell a complex product like auto insurance Calgary.

Why Digitalization Can’t Replace Brokers
Though insurance may be perceived as a commodity, it is still a complex product to configure. Car owners need to think of various aspects like different kinds of coverage, deductibles, and the varying levels of mandatory coverage from province to province in Canada. There are also bundling options, discounts, and laws that need to be understood. It can be overwhelming to get all this complexity resolved through an online experience.

That’s where an auto insurance broker comes into action. They offer so much more than just a policy sale and no online solution can replace that level of knowledge and expertise. Brokers offer timely advice and help customers make informed decisions. Car owners can ask all their questions freely to their brokers and get the right coverage as per their lifestyle and individual needs. Brokers also have access to all the latest discounts in the market and can help customers get good deals. Many websites can be challenged to present all the discounts with multiple variables clearly to their customers.

More than 88% of insurance customers are looking for a personalized experience when shopping for auto insurance Calgary. Brokers can always satisfy this demand by meeting customers in-person or talking over the phone. Great brokers know their customers and offer a unique proposition that works for every individual. In today’s times, technology does not reduce the value of brokers, but, proves their worth. Brokers can offer better prices, constant support, and knowledge that’s second to none.

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