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The Best of Both Worlds: Ericka Andrew on Motherhood and More Babe Less Bottles, LLC



Ericka Andrew

Although nothing can compare to the simple joys of being a mother, the journey can also bring a businesswoman’s career to a screeching halt. Because even if motherhood stands to be one of the most beautiful milestones in a woman’s life, the fact remains that it also has its fair share of drawbacks. 

And for those women whose identities are tied to their careers, giving birth entails giving oneself an ultimatum – give up the job or give up the chance of being a great mother. But proving that it does not have to be a choice between motherhood and career, Ericka Andrew shows how to get the best of both worlds. 

To share her refreshingly honest take on the realities of parenthood and entrepreneurship, Ericka founded More Babe Less Bottles, LLC, in 2019. And what started as a creative outlet, ended up illuminating realistic pathways for business-minded mothers worldwide. 

In the business landscape, Ericka Andrew is well-known for being the visionary behind the company empowering hundreds and thousands of women worldwide. But at home, she is well-loved for being a devoted wife and a wonderful mother. 

Blazing her trail in the world of business, Ericka creates meaningful and insightful content about her family as well as her struggles that led her to become the entrepreneurial powerhouse she is today. 

And despite some of the topics being extremely hard to talk about, Ericka still chooses to bring them up in her blogs in hopes of engaging more in-depth and more authentic conversations with her audience. By shedding light on some of the mental ordeals she used to suffer from, she reminds others they are not alone in whatever it is they are dealing with. 

But aside from her highly relatable blog series, Ericka has also gained recognition for breathing life into her creative flair. As a result, she successfully came up with a customized set of merchandise, ranging from t-shirts to tumblers for both parents and their children. 

And what might seem like a revolutionary idea to jumpstart a business is actually a scar from battling and overcoming postpartum depression. Because back then, it was only by tapping into her creative side that Ericka was able to take her mind off the anxiety that came with the so-called “baby blues.”

From being a worrier to becoming a warrior, Ericka has exceptionally exhibited a strength she did not know was inside her all along. And ironically enough, the one thing she thought would inhibit her from being the best mother was the same thing that made her motherhood experience an immensely rewarding endeavor. With More Babe Less Bottles, LLC, she takes pride in inspiring not only incoming and existing mothers but her three precious children as well. 

Over the years, women are repeatedly told that having children will hurt their careers. But with what Ericka has accomplished, she shuts all the naysayers and cynics down. Thus, she treats her success not as her own but as one that belongs to the rest of womankind. 

To know more about Ericka Andrew and More Babe Less Bottles, LLC, you may visit their website.

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