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The Bridal Architect Instilling Confidence One Bride at a Time



How brides feel on their wedding day is dependent on their sense of confidence, empowerment, and health, not necessarily their weight. The overwhelming feeling that brides feel on their wedding day is not strange or out of order; as a matter of fact, it is normal and expected. The Bridal Architect by Dorian Johnson is committed to helping brides feel different on their big day.

When Dorian Johnson started The Bridal Architect, his goal was to help these overwhelmed brides build the best version of themselves so they can feel confident and empowered on the big day. While creating The Bridal Architect, Dorian’s mindset is that all brides deserve to enjoy their wedding day, feel less pressure, and understand that there is no such thing as “a Bridal Body.” 

Dorian believes that confidence and health aren’t specific looks or sizes; these are feelings that everyone can step into. For this, he helps build The Overwhelmed Bride-To-Be into The Best Badass Bride using the three pillars of his Best Badass Bride Blueprint: Body Joy Bravery Nourishing Nutrition, and Majestic Movement.

Badass Bride’s Confidence Code is a mini-course designed to help overwhelmed Brides-To-Be cultivate genuine confidence for their wedding day without feeling fake. The course teaches Brides-To-Be to take small but impactful actions around their strengths, and what they enjoy to start filling their confidence meter so that by the time their wedding day rolls by, they can be their most confident no matter how they look. 

The Bridal Architect is committed to changing the norm in the Bridal Fitness Industry. To help brides-to-be of all kinds embrace and love who they are on their big day in a way that adds to their experience and makes them happy instead of needlessly feeling the pressure to be who they or society thinks they should be. Since there is no such thing as a “perfect bridal body,” The Bridal Architect tries to help every bride achieve the “enjoyable and authentic bridal experience instead.”

The Bridal Architect is driven by autonomy, empowerment, authenticity, diversity and inclusion, and fun. “Because every Bride-To-Be deserves to have a day that allows them to light up with excitement without a persistent fear of being judged or feeling insecure while sharing their true self. Such a joyous occasion could be hindered, not enjoyed to the fullest, or even dreaded if The Overwhelmed Bride-To-Be is not feeling strong, comfortable, and confident in their body, especially if they continue to equate looks with confidence.” 

Dorian suffered from his own body image issues even as a fitness professional because he felt that he had to look a certain way to be taken seriously. This has seen him partake in numerous disordered exercise and eating patterns to feel more confident in his abilities. Dorian sees a similar struggle in other engaged women on their journey to the aisle. “I feel I can help them escape The Diet and Exercise Chaotic Circle and help them to feel confident, in a safe way that feels good to them, relieving so much anxiety in the wedding space.”

Dorian wants every bride to see themselves represented in different capacities during their engagements to avoid them feeling like “an outside bride” because their experience doesn’t match what they see.

For Dorian Johnson, the work he does at The Bridal Architect is born out of his love for weddings and understanding the immense level of pressure that falls on every bride’s shoulder to look a certain way.

To learn more about The Bridal Architect, visit his website or follow him on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

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