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The Candidate Journey in the Hiring Process: Each Touchpoint Defined



Not sure what the Candidate’s Journey is? It’s essential to learn more about it, regardless of your company’s size.

The Candidate Journey is a crucial piece of the hiring process, entailing different touchpoints that can determine the candidate’s actions. It can lead to a successful hire or can lead candidates to abandon the hiring process.

Not only that but there can be drastic changes if the journey isn’t completed successfully. This is why it’s essential to know the journey, the opportunities it offers, and what you can do about it.

This article will detail the Candidate Journey, outlining each step during a company’s candidate selection process. Read on to learn more.


This is when the candidate becomes aware of your company and perhaps even of a job posting that’s available that your company.

They might see a news story about your company or they might hear about your company from a friend or colleague.


At this stage, the individual starts putting a bit more effort into the process by researching your company and competitors.

They might visit your website or all your social media channels to get a feel for what your company is all about.


When the candidate reaches this point, they have already chosen your company as their preferred employer. Mentally, they are already planning what they will do once your organization hires them.

With your hiring process set up for global talent acquisition, you get folks from all over the world interested in your company.


The candidate will begin applying for any suitable open job opportunities at your organization at this stage, as they want to make their dream of becoming your employee a reality.

They will also speak to anyone in their circle who has worked at your organization or worked there in the past, to gather more information about how to impress you in an interview.


Depending on how your selection process is set up, the candidate will then go through this process step by step.

If their resume passes muster, the interviewer or recruiter will call them and set up a job interview, or whatever the first stage of the selection process is.


Hopefully, for this candidate’s sake, the interview process goes smoothly and the interviewer, their potential team, and the HR team give the go-ahead to hire them. Once they are hired, they realize their dream of becoming your employee and the hiring process ends there.

At this point, the HR team will move into the onboarding process to ensure that the employee gets up to speed with the company as soon as possible.

Each Stage in the Candidate Journey Has Its Nuances

That’s why it’s important to give every candidate who goes through this Candidate Journey steps the right information to help make their decision and motion forward easier.

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