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The Importance of Packaging: What You Should Take into Consideration



Importance of Packaging

Is it worth investing time and money creating the right packaging for your product? Isn’t it that the product itself is what matters? After all, people are just going to tear it off and put it in the trash bin. So why bother?

When developing a product, packaging might be your least concern. However, many studies, such as this, show that packaging affects people’s buying decisions. It’s true what they say, people buy with their eyes. Before purchasing a product, the first thing that consumers look at its packaging. How the item is presented into the market is one of the major factors for its success.

So in what ways does the right packaging help your business grow?


Product Branding

As more and more products enter the international market, product branding has become even more valuable. Branding is personalizing your product by giving it a name and a different look or presentation. With so many brands to choose from, creating the right packaging for your product lets you distinguish your offerings from similar products provided by your competitors. Your packaging tells so much about your company, including your values. It also reflects the quality of your products and the type of market or demographics you are targeting. Undoubtedly, the packaging is as important as the product itself.  


Consumer Habits

The colors used in product labels and packaging have a direct impact on people’s buying decisions. For example, the white color makes a product look sophisticated which is why it is often used for gadgets and electronic devices (e.g. Apple). It also portrays simplicity, safety, and purity. Red, on the other hand, is the color of passion and excitement. It is used to grab attention. Dark red gives a product a more perceived value than light red colors.


Marketing Tool

Effective packaging can help your company attract more customers. It is a tool that will set your brand apart from the rest. It conveys your message to the people, particularly how you want them to perceive your product and your company. Packaging captures attention. When your item is sitting on a shelf, along with hundreds of other similar products, your product packaging is what will motivate customers to choose your product, especially if they haven’t purchased from you before. It is important to be clear about who your target market is so you can design your packaging in a way that will make them buy the product.

However, companies selling their products internationally should be more careful with their packaging design. It does not only include changing the language. Businesses should also check whether the design matches the target market’s behavior, culture, and preferences. For example, in some countries, consumer products are placed in high-end retail outlets where they are spaced apart from other brands, giving consumers more time to look around. In this case, it may be more sensible to create a packaging that is rich in information. In other countries, products are congested in shelves, which means it is difficult for a brand to stand out. Thus, highly attractive design with only the most helpful information should be placed on the packaging.


Smooth Delivery of Products

With the popularity of online shopping and international shipping, the packaging does not only make a lasting impression on the customers. It also ensures that the item reaches its destination in one piece. The wrong kind of packaging can cause orders to arrive damaged or broken, which negatively affects your brand. It can also result in added costs, as you will likely to refund their payment or replace the product. Furthermore, goods have to be packaged properly so they can be easily transported, distributed, and stored in warehouses. The right packaging makes it more convenient for all parties involved – manufacturer, shipping company, and the retailer. The packaging will also protect the product from possible alterations, reducing the risk of pilferage.



Packaging serves a lot of functions in any product. More than securing the product, the right packaging also helps businesses to promote their brand, market their products, and achieve brand recognition. Although it can cost a lot of money for small businesses, taking into account the importance of packing for a shipping company, you can consider payday loans online for covering packaging costs.   As packaging impacts people’s buying decisions, businesses should take time creating the best packaging for their brand, from the design, color, material, and the information presented. 

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