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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything,” said Plato. John Alexander Oberman continues to perfect the universe with his latest technology – the music-super-platform, Flo Music app (iOS,) a social streaming curation space where users can play music and collaboratively create playlists in real-time, curating a one-of-a-kind social interaction that connects listeners’ simultaneous varied life experiences through musical symbiosis. Powered by today’s leading Streaming Service Providers; Spotify Premium, Apple Music, iTunes music and SoundCloud Freemium, Flo matches the song metadata across Streaming Service Providers (SSPs) so users of different music apps can coexist to curate and listen in perfect harmony. The introduction of Flo Music app means; no more fighting over the aux cord or being bothered by who is connected to the hardware; the ability to create and save group playlists to satisfy everyone with some play time, or to relive an unforgettable party of the past. Imagine getting a notification “Listen-in-live with LeBron ‘The King’ James” during his pre-game warmup, join “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson as he works out, or connect with your best friend who lives in a different city and enjoy music together just like the good old days. Mr. Oberman and his team are set to single-handedly transform the way we listen to and experience music, giving people the ability to musically transport to worldwide events or into the homes and minds of their favorite celebrities, family, and friends. In Q2 2019 the app will include a microphone where users can speak over the music, narrating events and allowing further interaction to the collaborative playlist experience.

John Alexander “Alex” Oberman is a born and bred business maverick whose enterprising reputation precedes him within his hometown and the global community at large. He hails from San Antonio, Texas – where he spent many summers as a boy developing his entrepreneurial spirit through building revenue streams as a lemonade purveyor, lawn mower, and drive-way power-washer. Alex’s deep interests in politics, the global economy, and the strategies of a good chess game led him to graduate from Texas Tech University with a degree in Political Science and Economics. From that moment, the non-stop pursuit of his destiny has defined a journey of mutli-sector expertise and unparalleled unanimous success. As the co-founder of Space Monkey, LLC – an Austin, Texas based start-up developing the Flo Music app (iOS,) Alex has brought Silicon Valley to Texas with his revolutionary social streaming platform designed to connect listeners experiences and lifestyles through multi-location simultaneous listening capabilities. Mr. Oberman is also the President and Founder of Tritium Energy Consulting, LLC – a firm managing clients’ retail power/gas in IL, PA, MD, and TX, and is an ATF certified Firework Pyrotechnic Operator (FPO,) as well as Co-founder of Aerial Architecture LLC – a boutique laser and pyrotechnics entertainment company. In the rare hours when Alex isn’t pursuing strategic growth and innovative technologies, he spends time with his family, reads historic political texts and continues to amass his incredible network of global business development leaders.

When asked his best advice for newcomers to the arena Mr. Oberman says, “Being an entrepreneur is a powerful experience that builds character and determines self-efficiency. When success depends solely on your personal decisions and drive, everything is at stake. If you win, it’s entirely your win – if you lose, there is no one else to blame. The personal accountability and responsibility are a liberating force that you are truly the master of your own destiny. Failure is a necessary part of that journey; think of it as a prerequisite to “success.” Expect tough times, and when you find yourself facing an insurmountable challenge, know that overcoming these obstacles are part and parcel of the mission you’ve undertaken, welcome the fight and confront challenges head on. How well you can navigate difficulties within your business will determine how successful you will be. Develop a strong support group. Seek advice from those with experience wherever you can get it, and you will find people are not only willing to help but want to. Nothing great comes easy. Trust the process and enjoy the journey. Mr. Oberman is available by email at and – Flo Music App is available for download through the iOS app store.

Rachel Dares is a Former Newscaster | Columnist | Radio Host | President of Rachel Dares PR