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The Perks and Drawbacks of Call Center Outsourcing!



Call Center Outsourcing

In today’s fast-changing world, market competition is increasing day by day. Companies nowadays are struggling to combat high rising competition where competitors are using the latest high tech tools to deliver the best to the audience. This is where the need for outsourcing call center service arise.

Getting an external experienced partner for the business service, there are several perks that your company receives. Outsourcing the business operations, there are both pros and cons to the activity. When a business wishes to focus on overall development, it has to work on several emerging trends and strategies for improving services. Outsourcing helps to free the business agents to give time to strategy making and helps in bringing productive activities to practice.

When a skilled agent performs the business functions, there is the assurance of improved productivity, which is why companies outsource their operations to an experienced agent. Hiring professionals in-house can cost very expensive, which is why companies look for an outsourcing company that offers the same service amid budget.


There are several pros and cons of outsourcing and here we team up some essentials for your assistance:



The best part of outsourcing call center service is that it saves much of the business capital expense, which helps to improve other core functions. Wasting money on hiring and training, expenses of buying the latest tools, and other miscellaneous payments are no more a concern with outsourcing.

Hiring an external partner costs much less than in-house hiring and training, thus outsourcing the call center service is effective.

Boosted productivity

Outsourcing the call center functions, businesses assure increased productivity. How?

Well, it is because when a skilled partner looks after the business service, she/he has the idea of the dos’ and don’ts and thus increasing business productivity is easier.

Skilled agents have experience in working for numerous clients and thus they know about the latest technologies and strategies for business development.

Providing excellent customer service and augmenting sales is easy for an outsourced agent as they have the industry experience to bring enriching results. Moreover, professionals help to save from the activities that can harm customer satisfaction.

Quality monitoring

Outsourcing the call center service, you get an experienced partner for quality monitoring. Having a monitoring agent, the business is free of worries on negative/positive changes in business functions.

A monitoring agent makes sure to keep a check on the business changes and notifies the management team, as the ultimate decision lies in their hands.

Quality monitoring is also essential to review the agents’ performance and even review the business overall results for alterations if required for productivity.


Many times due to bad weather, unavailability of the employee or other technical issues, call centers are unable to deliver excellent customer service. In such circumstances, an outsourced partner is the best, as she/he is available 24X7 irrespective of any technical issue, unavailability, etc.

Outsourcing partners also make sure to provide excellent customer service any time of the day and even at high call volume times. Thus, getting an external experienced partner is beneficial for the business.

Augmented customer satisfaction

Outsourcing call centre service, you can improve your business customer satisfaction. Since professionals perform the call center functions, so the customers get their queries resolved from an experienced partner.

When a specific agent is there at help, the customer does not have to wait in long queues to hear from the agent, experts resolve the query instantly, call abandonment is no more an issue, and this is why boosting customer satisfaction is easy.


Lack of control

Outsourcing is all about hiring an external partner to look after the business functions. This property of outsourcing gives the sign that it tends to bring a lack of control. Since an external partner looks after the business service, it may lessen the in-house authority on business services. Since the outsourced partner takes decisions, there is a chance of lack of business control. However, the ultimate decision lies in the business owners’ hands.

Lack of industry-specific knowledge

Customer service reps are expected to have industry-specific expertise. There are times when you hire an outsourcing partner who lacks the industry expertise and this can be a nightmare. Getting a wrong outsourcing partner for your business tends to affect your call center service negatively as the outsourced agent would not be able to answer customer queries proficiently.

Language issues

Outsourcing to an offshore partner, your business can face language barriers. When international customers approach for service, they may not find the same tone of talking as their in-house agents would communicate. Thus, it can be a drawback as sometimes customers’ do not rely on a foreign agent’ advise.