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Take 5 oil change costs is a market-leading drive-through oil-change idea that compresses the process into only 10 minutes with minimal client interaction. Customers don’t need to make an appointment in advance to wait in their cars while services are performed at their drive through location.

They have been in business for more than 35 years, and they take great pride in their knowledge, expertise, and efficiency when changing your oil. There are 16 Take 5 oil change shops and 5 Auto Care facilities in Tallahassee alone.

With a SpearMart or Pcard requisition, only FSU Fleet Vehicles may be used. If you used a Pcard to make your payment, kindly list the vehicle identification number on the receipt.

Following a competitive bidding process, the FSU was given the contract with the number ITN 6269-A.

Term: July 1, 2022 to September 30, 2024, with two one-year extensions allowed.

The delivery arrangements are referred to as “Free on Board.”

the cost of five oil changes FSU has contracted Inc. to maintain the fleet of vehicles owned by the university.

To acquire service, you must fill out a Services Fixed Form using Vendor ID 0000071213.

For each invoice, SpearMart’s order receipts must be completed separately because combining them will prevent AP from paying, Take 5 coupons 50 off.

The cost of an includes all services. the cost of five oil changes (up to five quarts of oil and the filter).

• For capacity greater than five quarts, the cost each additional quart of oil is as follows: gas: $24.99; diesel: $38.99.
• Including the filter, up to five gallons of semi-synthetic oil, and all other services included in the cost of an oil change as described in the Scope of Services, gasoline is currently $3.99 and diesel is $4.99.
• Gasoline costs $36.99 and diesel costs $45.98.
• You will be charged a higher fee per quart if your oil container holds more than five quarts. Semi-Synthetic oil is used for maintenance and oil changes.
• Oil change service price, which includes filter, up to five quarts of Full Synthetic oil, and all services covered by the Scope of Services, is $4.99 for gasoline and $5.99 for diesel.
• Regular is 52.99 and Diesel is 53.99
• The cost per quart goes up if your oil container holds more than five quarts. Service completed with a full switch to synthetic oil.
• Gasoline costs $5.99 and diesel costs $6.00 – Other Replace the drain plug’s gasket.
• Replacement of the drain plug and gasket is always included in the service.
• All FSU cars must use the oil identified by the following brand and trade name. Include with service as necessary.
• Specified oil filter brand and producer for Soviet automobiles: Shell Rotella and Castrol Eco defence.

Staff and student discounts: At the price of your Take 5 oil change 15% off standard oil changes, 20% off synthetic oil changes, 20% off wiper blades, filters, and coolant flushes, and 10% off tyre rotations are all discounts available to stores, staff, and students. Students and employees must present their legitimate ID cards in order to be eligible, and money will be collected at the time of service.

FSU acknowledges that neither student nor employee-owned vehicles are free from taxes.


Consider yourself to have paid too much for that oil change?

The price of an oil change at Take 5 depends on the type of oil you want to purchase. The price per quart for each of the five types of Take 5 oil changes is shown in the table below:

• Standard oil changes cost $5.97, while synthetic oil changes cost $8.97.
• A synthetic blend oil change for a car costs $7.97.
• Oil changes for cars with high mileage only cost $6.97
• Changing the oil in your car’s edge: $8.97 for Mobil 1 and $9.97 for Synthetic.

Three different oils are available for the engine. However, Take 5 offers motor oil that is more expensive than conventional oil but not as expensive as entirely synthetic oil. One of the most expensive forms of motor oil is synthetic. At Take 5, Mobil 1 is the most expensive option.

For information on how much a Take 5 oil change will cost you, available types of motor oils, and other topics, keep reading.

If you ask Take 5 for an oil change, they will bring you one of five possibilities. The type of oil you select for the engine of your car will affect the price of an oil change at Take 5.

I don’t mind if you send me emails and customised advertisements. The following are Take 5’s five oil change options and prices:

• Oil changes for vehicles with high mileage cost $6.97 per quart while synthetic mix oil changes cost $7.97 per quart.
• Rim oil changes cost $8.97 per gallon.
• Mobil 1 retails for $9.97 for a quart.

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At Take 5 service locations, you can get a thorough oil change. This implies that the cost of the motor oil they use for your car will depend on both the volume used and the cost of the oil per quart that you like.

Here are Take 5’s typical full-service costs for the various types of oil changes, ranked from least to most expensive:

• Castrol GTX Ultra Clean costs $41.93 and is a requirement for a 5-Minute Convention.
• Castrol GTX High-Mileage costs $56.93.
• The price of a Castrol GTX Magnetic combo ($59.93)
• A gallon of synthetic Castrol Edge costs $76.93.
• Castrol Edge Extended Performance is priced at $84.99. (synthetic)

Take 5 and other auto repair shops perform thorough oil changes using up to 5 quarts of oil. You should always consult your owner’s manual for information on the right motor oil to use, how much to use, and how often to change it.