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The Pros and Cons of Smoking a Ceramic Pipe



The ceramic pipe has been around us for quite some time now. Previous generations were addicted to this stuff. Now they come in a variety of styles and can easily be bought from a smoke shop. Additionally, there also other kinds of pipes, like sheesha pipes, and they are also available at our best hookah shop. Moreover, some online vape shops have sourced these pipes from international sellers. Additionally, there are many pros and cons of using a ceramic pipe. Some of the main ones are:



If you love to hold glass pipes but you are too afraid to use them as they can break easily, ceramic pipes might be the answer to your problem. As they are made from clay instead of glass due to this element, they are quite durable. But this does not mean you should be throwing the pipe where ever you want. They are not invincible. The durability feature of ceramic pipes means that they are not fragile as compared to glass pipes. 

Attractive designing:

As ceramic pipes are very easy to make. As a result, they are available in multiple designs, and they are also very cheap to buy. The collection of ceramic pipes comes in various designs, like flower vases, straws, cereal bowls, and vintage buses. In simple words, they can be created in any design. Choosing a ceramic pipe according to your liking is quite an easy task. Additionally, these pipes are also great for decoration purposes. This means you don’t have to hide it anymore.

Easy to clean:

Cleaning these pipes is like the back of your hand. One way you can do it is just to search on google for helpful tips and follow the instructions that are provided by the internet, like putting the pipe into the water and then rinsing it after. In addition, you can put a pinch of salt and some rubbing alcohol in the pipe. Afterward, plug the holes and shake them. As a result, this will dislodge any resin that might be stuck inside the pipe. Repeat the process until it is completely clean and then let it dry. In order to clean the resin from the bowl, you just have to rub the bowl with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Afterward, just follow the same procedure and let it dry.

Easy to carry:

These ceramic pipes are very lightweight, so when you are moving and talking, the pipe will still provide a good smoking session. Additionally, they are more robust than glass pipes, so even if they slip from your hand, they won’t break that easily.

The Cons:

Not good for traveling:

If you are someone who likes to travel and smoke their way through the whole trip, then ceramic pipes won’t be a good option. Even if they are easy to carry but putting them in a bag can be quite problematic. Seeing someone smoke ceramic pipes is quite awesome, but it is better to use this pipe at home. As we know, they are quite durable, but still, this does not make them unbreakable. So if you put them in your bag and drop it off, you may regret your decision to buy ceramic pipes. If you have a small pipe and put it in your bag safely, it would be a better choice.

Not versatile as glass:

One of the best things about glass pipes is that they can come with awesome accessories when you buy them from an online vape shop. In addition, there are also other devices that can enhance the performance of glass pipes, like diffusion accessories and percolation, that are not very compatible with ceramic pipes. This is another reason why using ceramic pipe looks amazing due to their amazing designs. This is the reason why these pipes do not come with the same versatility that comes with glass. Moreover, you can still have a smooth smoking session with ceramic, but you still can’t add accessories to these pipes.

Become too hot to handle:

The nature of clay is to absorb heat, so when you are using a ceramic pipe, it is natural that it will get too hot. Additionally, this also happens if you don’t clean your pipe regularly. Similarly, if you have the habit of holding the flame too long on the pipe, this also results in overheating the ceramic pipe. As a result, you might also burn your hand while holding the pipe.

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