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The Rising Tide’s Kathy Murphy and Her Strengths-Based Approach to Life Coaching



Whether it is in regard to one’s personal or professional life, a little support would not hurt when seeking self-improvement. People cannot solely rely on themselves to solve problems nor always give that burden to family and friends who may not have enough discernment and objectivity. And this is where life coaches come in. 

Choosing a life advisor should not be done in a blink of an eye. People should make sure that one’s life coach has the ability to look at the client with a strengths-based and holistic lens. Far too many coaches only point out the wrong and list down what attitudes, behaviors, and circumstances are causing a problem. It is rare to find a motivator who recognizes that people have the innate capacity to rise above any situation and bounce back and thrive in all circumstances. But women around the world are lucky because this is precisely the approach that California native Kathy Murphy takes when empowering women.

Published author, inspirational speaker, singer/songwriter Kathy Murphy is the founder of The Rising Tide, a movement that encourages women to reconnect with their infinite potential and wisdom. It helps women to stop doing life the hard way: in stress, struggle, fear, and worry. And it helps them move forward with joy, intention, ease, and grace. 

Her past experiences as a firefighter, police officer, and politician have made her intimately familiar with the realities of life, making her a credible authority on what the Truth is. 

Kathy is a prime example of a believer in the innate potential of people. Her strengths-based approach to coaching makes clients see and believe that they have the tools to solve their own problems already and always inside them. Kathy points them out to the universal Truth—that people are already complete and that the ability to create the experiences they want for themselves is in their hands. 

With Kathy’s help and that of the philosophy of The Rising Tide, finding one’s Truth is a journey to discover who they really are for the first time. Every journey jump starts with an insta shift four-week coaching experience to help their mindset shift. This insta shift is the foundation of all her programs because as soon as the client sees that they live within the illusion of their thinking, life shifts. From there, Kathy and the client dig deeper, creating life. The Rising Tide sets the client up to think new, see new, and create the experience they want.

The Rising Tide has had clients who have done years of self-help, trying to make themselves better and find a missing part of themselves, but Kathy shows them that they are already whole and are a perfect system. No work is required when they see the Truth of that realization. This is what sets her aside as different from every other life coach.

The Rising Tide has helped unlock the untapped potential of thousands of women by encouraging them to get out of their heads and into their hearts. In their hearts, they find the infinite energy, creativity, genius, and potential of the entire universe. And with Kathy at the helm, it is going to continue motivating people in their journeys of peace, joy, and love. 

Kathy currently has tens of thousands of followers across her social media platforms, and this only proves true that her influence is far-reaching and that her philosophy is widely accepted.

Be part of the women and men who have realized that they were born forces of nature and have what it takes to rise like a tide. You can do this by learning more about the coaching, mentoring, events, retreats, and workshops provided by the energetic life coach Kathy Murphy through The Rising Tide’s website and Instagram.

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