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The Secrets To Sustaining A 40-year-old Jewelry Brand, According To This Fifth-Generation Owner



Jason Stavrianidis

New technology, timeless approach, and fresh perspective breathe new life into Venus Jewelers.

In the span of 40 years since it was established, the world has seen diamonds, precious gems, and fine jewelry that remain unblemished for its quality. The next generation of Venus Jewelers, Jason Stavrianidis, is poised to push the brand further, developing fresh ways to introduce the brand to a more innovative audience.

Jason Stavrianidis, also famously known as Jason the Gemologist, is the 5th generation of the proprietor family owning Venus Jewelers. He’s devoted himself full-time, involved in almost all parts of the business, from designing jewelry and their other products to networking, and digital marketing, even down to rolling up his sleeves and doing jewelry bench work, polishing, and quality control.

For Jason, it was his own volition to continue the legacy. Jason, along with his two brothers, would go to the store and help on the weekends ever since they were 10. It was not until a year ago when Jason decided to commit to running the business.

Jason feels a great sense of pride to be able to continue his family’s legacy. More than that, it is also a huge responsibility for him since Venus Jewelers is not just a job; it’s a way of life.

Jason wants to uphold the reputation his family has set through the years while allowing innovation and growth as his brand of leadership. “As a millennial and the youngest of the crew in Venus Jewelers, I have been able to implement some marketing and selling techniques that are more appropriate for my generation, which has proven to be the major consuming power at this time.”

He is committed to keeping his grandfather’s traditions while combining it with the newest technologies that social media and the jewelry industry has to offer. To do this, he ensures top quality in their creations through collaborating with his clients throughout the entire production process. He believes that by closely working with their customers, he can produce the most beautiful and unique works of art. Jason explains, “I want everyone to know that jewelry is not only an adornment. It can become part of the wearer’s life story, help express their individuality, and represent milestones in their lives.”

Today, Venus Jewelers specializes in the latest technology and a personally connected approach. This means the client’s vision will be transformed into a one of a kind work of art the way they want it. Using state-of-the-art computer-aided design tools, Venus Jewelers can create a 3D image of the design that can be previewed and adjusted before it’s finished. This meticulous and collaborative production process gives the client the freedom to be as hands-on as they would want to be in the creation of their order.

And at this time, when their target consumers are investing in luxury watches such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe, Jason has also ventured into the luxury watch market. Jason is determined to carve his own path to success while managing a business that was passed on to him by generations. “I will continue what my grandfather started and take it to the next level.”

With the fast-paced, easily distracted market today, a new perspective is vital in the survival of a brand, and Jason is on top of his game to make sure Venus Jewelers thrive.

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