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The Way That Seatgeek Is Working Toward Being A Concierge Service For Live Events




You may listen on a variety of platforms including Spotify, Apple, Anchor, and more. The question and answer session we had with Seatgeek Tickets has been condensed and modified into the following version. The majority of the time, jokes are not included. The ear candy has greater nuance and is the subject of much discussion.

The Opening And The Icebreaker

Who are you, how did you end up at Seatgeek Promo Code and what do you do while you’re there. I moved to New York more than two decades ago and earned a master’s degree in medieval history (Don’t worry; I compelled her to provide further explanation of this topic in the podcast).

Consider The Audience

After that, I made the decision to work in the tech industry, and now I’m here at Seatgeek Tickets. I work on anything that a fan will engage with, and I also monitor the things that vendors on our marketplace provide for customers to purchase. I make it a point to consider the audience whenever I have to make a choice.

Favorite Kind Of Live Event

What is your favorite kind of live event, and are you required to buy tickets through Seatgeek Tickets even when you don’t use the site. We are actually compensated in the form of a ticket stipend and given access to a wide variety of exciting events. Baseball is my personal favorite spectator sport to watch in person. I have always been a tremendous fan of baseball, and because I grew up just outside of Washington, D.C., watching the Baltimore Orioles play has been a significant part of my life.

A Big Fan Of The Mets

As a result of the fact that my husband is a big fan of the Mets and the length of time I’ve spent living in New York, I’ve also become a big fan of the Seatgeek Tickets and regularly attend many of their games. Is it safe to say that the consumer appetite for live events has returned to normal levels.

An All-Time High Demand

It is better than it was in 2019, which was a record year. I believe that we all missed the energy that comes with attending live events. Demand is currently at an all-time high, which is something I have never witnessed in my seven years working at Seatgeek Tickets.
The Seatgeek Platform

What function does mobile play in the Seatgeek Tickets platform. The majority of our usual followers spend time online. In addition, there has been a significant increase in the use of mobile devices for web browsing. When I think about the Seatgeek Tickets customer experience, I think of it as having two elements. The first section is the e-commerce section, in which customers are looking up pricing.

The Second Step

The second step is when you are actually going to the event and being at the event, and here is where the app comes in quite handy. This is where we encourage people to download the app so that we can provide them with the very best experience we can.

Run Any App Install Campaigns

However, the majority of our user acquisition takes place on the web because it is the first stage of Seatgeek Tickets sales funnel. Because we discovered that it was too soon for our consumers and the trip they were on, we now do less. In order to choose whether or not to encourage someone to download an app, what signals do you look for first.

Fantasy Football Podcasts

If they are showing signs of wanting to make a purchase, we will hold off and assist them in completing that journey on the web first. After the purchase, or if they are interested in monitoring prices for a particular event, we point them in the direction of the app. Where do you find the most success with your undrafted free agents, and do you listen to fantasy football podcasts.

Generation Z Connects

That’s awesome, we definitely do a lot of advertising for podcasts. We have discovered that Generation Z connects with us. There are 26% of our overall user base that belongs to Generation Z. In addition to that, we engage in influencer marketing via Seatgeek Tickets and YouTube. In addition to this, we combine more traditional methods with paid search.

Forming Business Agreements

We have found that forming business agreements, such as becoming the authorized ticket seller for a certain sports team or venue, to be quite fruitful for us. If you are a fan of the Brooklyn Nets, then you can use the Seatgeek Tickets app to organize and manage your ticket purchases for games.

Customers Looking For Assistance

How exactly do you take into account the feedback from users? Do you make decisions based on the results of this analysis. For us, the data is a combination of quantitative and qualitative information. Recognizing where the CX touchpoints are located. Why are customers looking for assistance after making a purchase? What can we do to ensure that they won’t have to in the years to come.

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Learn About The Pain Points

In order to learn about the pain points, desires, and requirements of our users, we conduct surveys and user interviews. Sometimes they say they want one thing, but what they truly desire is something else. We make an effort to establish its foundation on issue spaces as opposed to particular solutions.

As Frequently As Possible

We like to deploy items as early and as frequently as possible so that we can get them in front of users and begin receiving feedback. We are collecting input in pretty much every form you can think of, including reviews from app stores, focus groups, and so on.

Gathering Competitive Intelligence

How much of your time do you spend gaining an understanding of your competition and gathering competitive intelligence. A respectable quantity of time. Our fixation is on the fans, and we pay meticulous attention to the minutiae. When developing our own app, we analyze the applications of our competitors to see what they are doing and where they are finding success. But I also feel that . our competitors are studying us a great deal more.