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TikTok Influencer Marquise Mason Proves Success Can Come in Many Forms



Every generation defines success in different ways. Baby boomers see success as building a family while Generation X sees success as building a career. Millennials and Gen Z lean more towards the latter as they prioritize a balance between work and life. However, millennials like Marquise Mason often get scrutiny for their idea of a career as influencers. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Marquise Mason is a nineteen-year-old influencer who found internet fame through the viral app TikTok, where he shares his short and entertaining clips.

Like many in his generation, Marquise grew up at a time when technology took massive leaps to become what it is today. While older generations grew up with toys they could play with or television to keep them entertained, he found joy through looking at the screens of his mobile phone or computer set. 

One of the earliest forms of entertainment came through YouTube, where Marquise Mason saw personalities like PewDiePie, Jenna Marbles, and others create content that kept their viewers and subscribers amused. Marquise also spent his time browsing for other entertaining content. Accessibility became even easier when the mobile industry was innovated to bring nearly everything to the small screen. With a simple tap, Marquise could find himself immersed in a world that totally freed him from the stresses of life.

Among the apps that Marquise frequently uses is TikTok, a viral video-sharing social networking app. Many people often use it to create short music, lip-sync, dance, comedy, and talent videos, allowing them to showcase their creative skills.

Marquise Mason joined the app with the majority of his content, focusing on comedy clips. Recognizable for his afro hairstyle, Marquise posted his first video doing a challenge of stopping a ceiling fan. He would then go on to create videos that featured optical illusions and memes, often garnering thousands of viewers. 

On average, Marquise’s videos often get over a thousand views. But he made his breakthrough when he posted an optical illusion where the image would move if viewers gave their phones a gentle shake. The video would amass over 304.3 thousand views, putting him in the spotlight and attracting more people to view his other content. His following also grew to four thousand.

Before becoming an influencer, Marquise was unsure of the direction his life would take him. Having just graduated out of high school, he would spend the late afternoons sitting on the roof and watching the sunset, praying for God to make his way. He was often met by others who frequently told him to grow up, but he remained quiet and humble. Now he’s found fame and an idea to continue building his career as an influencer on TikTok, letting his actions do the talking for him.

Marquise Mason plans to use his platform to encourage others to continue doing what they love and blocking off anyone trying to drag them back.

To see more of Marquise Mason’s videos, you may follow him on TikTok and Instagram.

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