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Tips for Promoting Your Own Book




If you write for no other reason than pure enjoyment, you won’t need to worry about promotion. However, if you publish your books and hope that as many of your intended audience members read them as possible, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of book marketing for Self-Published authors. The success of your book promotion will depend on the time and effort you put into it in the outset, so having a clear idea of your end goals can help.

Author promotion entails informing potential buyers about the author and the book in order to pique their interest. Simply engage in conversation with them. You’ll have to put forth some effort, though. This post will give you 6 ways to market your self-published book to reach a wider audience and generate more sales.

Some of the suggestions don’t require much additional effort because they are already incorporated into the publication process, such as entering metadata. Keep in mind your goals and be as meticulous with your book marketing plan as you are with your writing, even if some of the other marketing strategies listed below don’t seem all that crucial.

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Identify your target audience, then create a website and begin communicating with them.

One of the most crucial steps you can do to promote your self-published book is to establish an online presence. Create author profiles on social networking networks and a website or blog to interact with readers.

Get to know potential buyers of your self-published book by following them on social media and striking up conversations with them over the content they share. Inspire yourself by the works of other authors and artists in the same genre. It’s similar to networking in that the more people you meet, the more money you’ll make.

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Engage in genuine conversation with your followers.

Self-publishing authors can use social media to spread the word about their books by sharing snippets of their work in progress and offering occasional updates on the writing and publication process. An early preview like this might help generate buzz for your book even before it’s published.

It’s important to create a Goodreads page for your book so that readers may mark it as “to-read” before its release and share that information with their networks. If you’re looking for new readers who might enjoy your book, Goodreads is a fantastic resource.

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Having a form that customers can fill out and attach proof of purchase to is an excellent method for conducting giveaways. At least once a week, select a lucky winner. The consolation prize is the most vital component of a pre-sale giveaway. Anything written or something physical.
Start a website or blog.

Helping people find you is possible even before you’ve written your book. Add new content to your site that will be visible to your target audience when they conduct relevant searches. If your book is about mental health, for instance, you may include some of the most recent research findings in the sector with your own thoughts and experiences. Discussing the most well-known works and characters in the genre is a great way to promote your fiction book.

Closer to the publication date, you might organize contests and distribute free copies to generate buzz for your book. Get some good stuff up there that will make folks want to sign up for updates. Start your website around a year before you want to release your book so that you may amass a large email list and improve your site’s search engine rankings.

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Manifestation on the Day of Publication

A release day event can greatly increase sales, even if you are unable to host one in person. The hype that preceded my pre-sale launch and release day stream significantly boosted my sales. A helpful hint is to announce upcoming events at least a month in advance. Then, remind your audience of the event more frequently as the date approaches. Excite the crowd!

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Research the best-selling books in your genre to see what they have in common.

Look at books in your genre and analyze the titles, cover art, and fonts to get a sense of what readers enjoy. Write down which ones you like most and which ones you don’t like, and give some thought to why you feel this way.

The best novels have more to offer readers who take the time to read them. You may learn a lot about your target audience and the language they use by reading the reviews they’ve left.

During this time, be on the lookout for reviews that are both objective and informative. Reviewers can be added to a shortlist and then contacted when the book is available for critique.

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Review your self-published book with others.

Giving reviewers of your past books a free copy of your new book and politely asking them to review it is one of the quickest ways to generate reviews for your new book.

Book bloggers with a large following, established authors in your category, and newspapers are all good candidates for editorial evaluations. When it comes to literary representation, American House Author is among the best in the city. The agency has a lot of name recognition and offers competitive rates.

You can find the top reviewers on Amazon and compile a list of those who have reviewed books in your category if you are a first-time writer. Amazon doesn’t allow customers to leave reviews for pre-ordered books, but if you publish a paperback edition of your work and connect it to the electronic version that hasn’t been released yet, the evaluations readers leave for the paperback will appear in the electronic version. This will ensure that your book has a solid fan base when it finally hits shelves. You can also promote your forthcoming book to Goodreads’ 65+ million users by hosting a featured giveaway. Users of Goodreads are able to provide early reviews of forthcoming publications. In addition, although Amazon owns Goodreads, reviews posted on one site cannot be copied to the other.

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Promoting a self-published book is difficult; there is no foolproof method.

The market will reward quality. It’s imperative that you begin with a fantastic book.
Then, do everything you can to promote your Self-Published book using the guidelines I’ve outlined above. If you’re going to self-publish a book, it’s crucial that you give it a professional look and sound. Also, check to see if the Amazon tags and keywords you’re using are producing results.

You should then actively seek for opportunities to promote a self-published book on a daily basis.
You can use a wide variety of marketing strategies to promote your self-published books.
So always be on the lookout for fresh inspiration.

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