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Joseph Song’s come up and path to success



Joseph Song

Joseph Song is an entrepreneur from Southern California who has been independent and making money for himself since he was 16 years old. Joseph’s main business is YouTube Automation where he runs cash cow channels and outsources all of the content. He found the motivation to start his own business and choose a non-traditional path because he saw other successful entrepreneurs his age making good money online. Joseph has always wanted to be his own boss and has a brand but never knew how to take the leap to start that journey until he got the inspiration from others doing it.

We live in a world where all the knowledge we could ever need to know is at our fingertips all day long. Technology is evolving every day, and in order to stay current and run a successful business, each entrepreneur needs to follow and adapt to the changes in technology. Joseph Song’s business is in YouTube Automation and he started this because of the income he was generating through affiliate marketing, ads, course sales, and services. He soon realized that this did not take up nearly as much time as managing a Shopify store because the majority of the income was passive. Like any businessman, Joseph saw the value of having multiple passive sources of income which allows him to dedicate his time to other business ventures.

When starting his own business, Joseph Song wanted to gain as much knowledge about the industry as possible, analyze his competition, and figure out how his business can stand out. He noticed that the YouTube videos he was already watching were pretty easy to make, dove into their analytics, and was inspired by seeing that they were making 6 figures off ad revenue by posting these videos. Joseph made the decision to start his own business and channel and hire freelancers to create and outsource the videos for him from a scriptwriter, video editor, and thumbnail designer. Joseph Song knew that in order to succeed he had to revamp his strategies and invest in mentorship to help him get through the obstacles that come with entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest challenges Joseph Song faced on his journey to entrepreneurship was his parents. Living in an Asain household, it was difficult for Joseph to convince his parents to let him not take the typical path of being a full-time entrepreneur and not going to school. Something Joseph struggled with talking to his parents about his goals to focus on being a full-time entrepreneur and taking that risk while pushing the comforts of a college education aside. Despite all the obstacles along the way, it is Joseph Song’s determination and belief in himself that put him on the path to success and he is just getting started. To learn more about Joseph and his YouTube Automation business, click here.

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