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Tito Tahan on Paving the Way for Aspiring Artists



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In an industry already saturated with established names and prominent figures, production and coaching have proven to be reliable pillars of a successful music career. At its core, this duo is about making significant waves in a plethora of releases. And for this reason, Tito Tahan addressed himself to the challenge of creating a platform that goes beyond having one’s music available for consumption and dives deep into making a meaningful impact on the listeners’ lives. 

Aside from covering the areas of availability, reachability, and exposure, Tito Tahan is also acclaimed for guiding aspiring artists and enabling them to take center stage. As someone who has always been passionate about adding value to musicians’ careers, he is immensely fueled by his determination to make these people’s dreams come to fruition. His vision includes strategies that transport music from its creator to intended listeners in the most remarkable way possible. 

On top of being an American multi-platinum music producer, Tito Tahan is also an investor, coach, sync licensing expert, writer, and all-inclusive creator. This multifaceted figure is of Peruvian and Puerto Rican descent and is currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is most known for producing music for TV networks and production companies such as BET, MTV, OWN, TV ONE, HBO, and Lionsgate, to name a few. 

Photo by @BrandosBranding

In addition, Tito Tahan has contributed to many projects by being an A&R for notable artists, including Onyx, Vado, JR Writer, and many more. As a result of the said position, he has produced records for iconic Hip Hop artists like 50 Cent, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and 2 Pistols.

Tito Tahan’s comprehensive approach is a result of his business acumen. Having graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business, he has earned excellent writing skills and proficiency in speaking. His education has even allowed him to communicate in multiple languages like English, Spanish, and Arabic articulately. More importantly, this marketing authority’s professional and personal experiences have enhanced his ability to maintain old connections and develop long-lasting relationships. 

Having established a reputable standing in the industry, Tito Tahan knows what it takes to build a name for oneself due to his years’ worth of experience in the music scene. His in-depth knowledge about the dynamics and inner workings of the field has spotlighted the factors that can bring artists and musicians to the top. He also provides one-on-one professional and personal development experience in music creation, marketing, and business.

When Tito Tahan was asked about his secret to success, he shared that much of his accomplishments stem from the values of continuous growth, stable development, unparalleled professionalism, outstanding relationship-building, and long-term planning. Because of his steadfast adherence to these beliefs, he gained the confidence that made him thrive in a highly competitive environment. Thus, he took it upon himself to influence others into doing the same.

Photo by @BrandosBranding

In the coming years, Tito Tahan hopes to continue conveying the message that pursuing the path of a musician takes a whole of dedication and commitment. He wants to shed light on the tips and tricks that would catapult aspirants and dreamers to the summit of their careers. Lastly, he wishes to be the bedrock on which countless artists’ confidence to soar high is rooted. 

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