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Top Companies Providing Custom Bakery Boxes in 2023



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Bakery packaging is an integral part of any bakery business. If you are a baker, you know how important it is to package your products in a way that makes them look appealing and keeps them fresh and safe for consumption. With the increasing competition in the food industry, it has become imperative for bakers to make sure that they stand out from their competitors by using Custom Bakery Boxes.

However, with so many companies offering custom packaging solutions, finding one that meets your needs cannot be easy. To help you make an informed decision about which company should be entrusted with your bakery’s packaging needs, we have compiled a list of top companies providing custom packaging solutions.

What is Bakery Packaging?

Bakery packaging describes any food packaging used by bakeries or other food businesses. This includes everything from cakes to pastries to bread. Bakery packaging can be anything from plastic bags to cardboard boxes to paper bags—it all depends on what type of product you’re selling and also how much space you have available for storage purposes (or if it’s something that needs refrigerated storage).

The bakery industry is one of the most competitive food industries, so it’s no surprise that many businesses are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. One way to do that is with custom bakery packaging. 

Here are some of the top companies providing custom bakery packaging in 2023:

Instant Custom Boxes

Instant Custom Boxes is a leading provider of custom bakery packaging solutions for the food industry. They have been in business for years and also have provided their services to thousands of clients worldwide. With all the locations across the United States & Canada, they offer fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and the best customer service possible.

Their designers, engineers, and production staff work with you to create an efficient package that will keep your product safe and secure during transit. They specialize in creating custom printed boxes and also bags for baked goods, including cakes and pies, cookies, brownies, and other treats.

They offer a wide variety of options for different types of bakeries:

Bulk product storage solutions

  • Lidding materials & sealants
  • Customized product inserts
  • Polyethylene liners

Silver Edge Packaging

Silver Edge Packaging is a custom bakery packaging company based in the USA. They provide the highest-quality custom bakery packaging for all your food products, from cakes to cupcakes.

With years of experience, they have worked with many different kinds of companies and understand that every customer has unique needs when it comes to their packaging. That’s why they work closely with each customer to find the perfect solution for their needs.

Silver Edge Packaging offers a wide range of bakery packaging solutions, including:

  • Custom packaging for cakes
  • Custom packaging for cupcakes
  • Baked goods boxes
  • Cake Boxes
  • Cupcake boxes

Bags and Bows Online

Bags and Bows Online is a custom bakery packaging company providing everything from boxes to bags to sleeves for your bakery products. They strive to provide your business with the most innovative and also high-quality packaging solutions. Bags and bows provide customers with the highest quality custom bakery packaging products. Also take pride in working with their customers to provide the packaging they need, whether for a large bakery or small-time operation.

Clear Bags

Clear Bags is a custom bakery packaging supplier specializing in creating custom containers for the food industry. In business for years, it has grown to serve businesses both large and small.

Its goal is to provide clients with cost-effective solutions that meet their needs and exceed expectations. They also offer free samples so you can see exactly what kind of product you’ll get before committing to anything. This way, there are no surprises and no risks on your part!

Vista Print

Vista Print offers various products for bakeries and food service companies, including cups, lids, bags, plates, and trays. They specialize in providing these products with customized graphics or logos for their clients. The company works with you to determine your exact needs and then designs a packaging solution that meets those needs. They can also help you develop new products and packages and offer advice on how to increase sales and improve customer experience.

Pack Lane

Pack Lane is a custom bakery packaging company. They have been providing packaging to small and large bakeries alike, as well as other food-related businesses. Their goal is to provide customers with the best possible service and products, so they can continue to grow and succeed in their industry.

They offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Custom cardboard boxes
  • Printed corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Cake trays
  • Custom gift cards
  •  Cake boxes


In every packaging design, the most important thing is conveying the brand’s message. If your packaging is confused with your competitor, how can you expect to stand out in the market? Competition for high-quality custom bakery boxes will heat up massively over the next five years. Companies must find innovative ways to stand out from the crowd, which will come from new printing and material technologies. Take a look at these amazing custom bakery packaging designs to get inspired and add some zing to your product!