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Top Entrepreneur Kevin Jerome Nelson is The Wealth Evangelist



Formerly known as the Hip Hop Credit Doctor who served as a financial advisor to The Hip Hop Summit Action Network, top entrepreneur Kevin Jerome Nelson puts on a brand new coat as The Wealth Evangelist. 

One of the best and brightest in the business, Kevin Jerome Nelson is an accomplished, digitally-savvy marketing and talent relations professional and an event planner with a strong media and entertainment network, brilliant strategic planning and organizational skills, broad retail and consumer promotions experience, and impressive innovative, enthusiastic and forward-thinking leadership in any team.

With his one-in-a-million ability to turn anything right side up, The Wealth Evangelist has led the field with quality service, dependability, and unique innovations designed to take the entertainment and business field to a whole new level.

Having found his niche in the entertainment and general business arena, Kevin Jerome Nelson began to take on new challenges. He strategically positioned himself to gain valuable experience and exposure at the offices of Motown, MCA, and Solar Records, where he continued to develop his unsurpassed prowess in polishing diamonds.

For over 30 years, The Wealth Evangelist has been known as the high-end client’s preferred artist manager, business consultant, and concert promoter. His portfolio boasts a fatal combination of entertainment experience, strong industry relationships, cultural exposure, and integrity to provide quality services that have earned him the trust of a loyal elite client base.

In his years of service, Kevin Jerome Nelson has held a hand out for well-renowned actors, top producers, recording artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and major power brokers, among others. His admirable work ethic, commitment to overachieving, and reputation for success in all his projects and endeavors can be translated as ‘Value-Added Success.’

Kevin’s career, a whirlwind of revolving doors of done deals and satisfied clients, has inspired him to rebrand himself. With the release of his books, “Hidden Secrets The Credit Bureaus Don’t Want You To Know About” and the bestselling hit “Corporate Credit Unleashed: EVERYTHING YOU BETTER KNOW ABOUT CORPORATE CREDIT WHEN YOUR PERSONAL CREDIT SUCKS,” The Wealth Evangelist has decided to keep one of those revolving doors open for more clients.

“I have over 30 years experience,” he shares, “and although I initially structured my company to serve the needs of high-end clients within the entertainment industry I now offer the same quality services to clients in diverse industries that hail from diverse backgrounds.”

Taking on the role of The Wealth Evangelist, Kevin Jerome Nelson is offering affordable unmatched quality consulting services to further his realized goal. With new efforts, Kevin aims to empower underrepresented African-Americans by equipping them with the tools to become successful, financially literate individuals ready to take on the world.

“It is my goal to level the field as it relates to financial literacy and the accumulation of generational wealth primarily through business ownership and access to capital,” Kevin states.

With a reputation that could withstand a typhoon, Kevin Jerome Nelson, as The Wealth Evangelist, is ready to use his experience and open tomorrow to an American economy where underrepresented, urban communities take as big a piece of the financial pie as everyone else is.

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