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Top Health and Wellness Consultant Dr. Frank Ferrigno Helps Individuals Build a Winner’s Mindset



Anyone trying to lose weight would know how much commitment and concentration the endeavor demands. Dr. Frank Ferrigno, America’s leading expert on Weight Loss, is determined to equip individuals with an unwavering winner’s mindset.

Having gone through the battle against self-esteem himself, the widely-admired doctor is familiar with what it takes to emerge improved and victorious. 

Dr. Frank Ferrigno had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, something he wrestled together with the sharp claws of depression, anxiety, and hormonal issues. After finally overcoming his struggles, Dr. Frank decided to pour his efforts into seeing others succeed as well.

“I did not want people to have to go through what I went through over the years,” he shares.

This became the driving statement that would propel Dr. Frank Ferrigno into involvement in the lives of countless people. He entered the health and wellness industry.

Seeking to build confidence and strength in as many individuals as possible, Dr. Frank (who began his career as a Doctor of Pharmacy) worked as an Online Personal Trainer and a preferred Health and Wellness Consultant to some of the nation’s industry leaders.

To ensure his client’s accomplished goals, the inspired doctor has developed a solution patterned after his own success. “I wanted them to experience all the life-changing benefits that I have experienced in my life.” He calls it ‘Mindset Mastery.’

Mindset Mastery is something that Dr. Frank Ferrigno’s clients practice in riding the waves of stress and health issues and landing safely onshore. Dr. Frank encourages incorporating the protocol in daily life from the moment the doctor and his client pinpoint why the latter has been experiencing weight loss resistance.

The doctor explained that weight loss resistance is caused by a pre-existing condition or a hormonal imbalance, which may manifest as thyroid disorders, low testosterone levels, PCOS, diabetes, emotional eating, depression, chronic stress, or insomnia.

After the underlying root cause has been discovered, the individuals immediately adopt the principles of Mindset Mastery while embarking on Dr. Frank Ferrigno’s individually-tailored weight loss program. As they empower themselves to achieve and maintain their ideal weight along with excellent health, Dr. Frank’s clients will experience the right diet, the right exercise program, and taking the proper supplements that have been chosen based on their personal history.

By implementing this holistic approach, the top health and wellness consultant works with his clients to create an overall healthier lifestyle that emphasizes excess weight as a symptom of a larger issue, and not the entire problem.

As healthy weight loss is not an overnight deal but a lifestyle, Dr. Frank helps individuals build and keep a winner’s mindset. Mindset mastery will keep them going through the doctor’s personalized recommendations and fully-customized programs based on their unique needs and concerns.

Revealing what he always reminds his clients with, Dr. Frank Ferrigno shares, “no matter how many times they have failed with losing weight in the past, there is still hope and light at the end of the tunnel.”

Build a healthier mind, along with a better body. Achieve fitness goals like a winner through Dr. Frank Ferrigno’s tailored program designed for nothing but success. Learn more about the doctor and his brilliant work on his official website

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