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Toto Steubesand is a Viral CEO and Martial Arts Instructor



Toto Steubesand

Today, physical violence, kidnapping, and even human trafficking are all too common. Even though it’s sad to admit, society can be dangerous at times, and people are working hard to find ways to keep themselves, their families, and their children safe when this happens. One of the most widely practiced forms of self-defense is martial arts, a sport that has been shown to improve self-control, physical fitness, confidence, character, and morality.

CEO Toto Steubesand saw an opportunity in this and started the successful martial arts academy AbwehrKraft. It provides training in hand to hand combat, weapon use, and other skill sets to the common people, policemen, military personnel, and other security personnel. The company was established in 2016, with its headquarters in Kiel, Germany.

The Purpose of AbwehrKraft

Toto and his team of instructors provide students with not only the latest in self-defense techniques, but also guidance on how to improve their general health and fitness. The company’s goal is to aid people in effectively handling stressful situations through the teaching of Krav Maga, which is widely regarded as the pinnacle of modern self-defense.

AbwehrKraft’s Israeli Krav Maga caters to students of all ages, teaching them the art of self-defense and offering them a variety of sports supplements to help them train harder and for long durations. Courses are available for women, children, and young adults, and the company works with major corporations, groups, and people from all walks of life. AbwehrKraft’s staff members are all trained experts who treat each client with dignity and help them feel at ease during their training sessions so that they can focus on improving their skills.

AbwehrKraft recommends casual attire for training to make everyone feel at ease. Sweatpants, shorts, and t-shirts are all acceptable, and participants can even wear a full martial arts uniform if they like. Practicing can be done in socks or without shoes. Those interested in joining the group can do so by registering online and then attending a trial session whenever it is convenient for them.

Toto’s Many Successes

Toto Steubesand is very confident in his business acumen. AbwehrKraft is a huge success, but it was actually his second business. In 2013, Toto took over as CEO of ZST Security, and about seven years later, he was promoted to the position of executive partner.

Toto’s latest success is also connected to his career in the entertainment business. In 2021, he was cast in the Amazon Prime Germany series “Celebrity Hunted Germany.” If everything goes as planned, he will be on the show again in 2023.

Toto Steubesand has kept elevating his brand, and it appears that he has a bright future ahead of him.

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