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Tracilea Young and CBD Gives People a Second Chance in Life



“Every mother is a wonder woman” is Hollywood star Gal Gadot’s response when her kids tell people that their mother is Wonder Woman. While that is true, it is also undeniable that the plight that some supermoms face is significantly bigger than others. Tracilea Young is outstanding not only for homeschooling her eight children for 17 years, but also for balancing being a full-time mother, working part-time on her relationship marketing business, going to midwifery school, and making it to the million-dollar earner club at the same time.

A model of success, every business endeavor she strives for is met with triumph. She owes this to the knowledge and experience she gained over the years and her ardor for national and international growth. With the desire to make an impact in the world, she achieved the title of president and built the revenue of a massive plastic surgery and medical spa chain to its multiple millions.

Unwilling to settle for just what she had already achieved, her latest venture is toward the effort of living a better and fulfilling life. Several years back, her husband had been diagnosed with cancer and was given only two months to live. He eventually succumbed to the disease, but not until four-and-a-half years later, thanks to her intensive research on prospective plant medicine  to extend his life. The knowledge she gained during those years are now being used on her mission to help people transition back into their normal lives despite the diseases they are facing. In doing so, she also introduced a lucrative income opportunity that is in the CBD (cannabidiol) business.

Her recently launched chain of compassionate care medical clinics already had helped more than 39,000 people receive the compassionate care they especially need in trying times. Through network marketing as well, she had helped numerous people generate a substantial income for themselves.

She chose to partner with Green Compass because it is the  USDA-certified organic hemp farming and processing company. They create the highest level of quality  products starting with the hemp that they and their partner farmers cultivate. It is notably challenging to grow organically, but despite the exclusion of chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides, Green Compass is able to grow it to a quality like none other. Thanks to the meticulous handiwork of their farmers, they are able to produce an abundant yield of high-quality CBD oil, which is used for its medicinal properties.

As in any industry, not all production is of high quality, and improperly grown cannabis may even contain harmful chemicals. A loophole that some hemp growers take advantage of is that an FDA approval is unnecessary for products that claim no health benefits. Green Compass gets its CBD products analyzed by an ISO-certified laboratory to ensure that they are clean and free from harmful compounds.

Through her work, Tracilea is looking forward to helping more people improve their health, as well as providing a generative source of income for those who may be needing it as well.

If you are having health problems and are considering alternative treatment rather than the conventional pharmaceuticals, or are looking for an additional income stream, visit her website to learn more about CBD and the benefits it can bring its users.

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