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Travis Richey on Transforming the Lives of Inmates Through AccomplishED Ventures



One of the most altruistic dispositions that any person can possess is the noble capacity to believe in the goodness of others, no matter how difficult and tragic it may seem. True enough, some individuals make bold strides just to see others transform and grow into someone exceptional and worthwhile in the middle of this dog-eat-dog world. And while it may seem like an impossible feat to overcome, Travis Richey serves as a genuine attestation that anything is possible, as long as a person puts one’s mind and heart into it.

Believing in the power of benevolence and its ability to transform the lives of others, Travis Richey uses his passion, tenacious mindset, and expertise to help inmates and former convicts step into their light and reclaim the great potential they once possessed. And as someone who strives to make the world a better place for them, Travis has made it his lifelong mission to create a curriculum that combats the leading causes of recidivism and addresses the ongoing social issue of mass incarceration. For this reason, he founded AccomplishED Ventures.

Passionately created for the growth and welfare of present inmates and former convicts, AccomplishED Ventures is a non-profit organization that transforms the lives of these individuals and provides better opportunities for them. It serves as a platform to equip themselves with the needed skills to cope and face the challenges that lie in post-incarceration. Simply put, the organization is a hot pot of educational programs designed to encourage them to turn their lives for the better and prepare these individuals for what lies ahead.

Being more than the transformational mission it grounds upon, AccomplishED Ventures seeks to address the root of incarceration: financial illiteracy. Travis Richey explains that studies have shown that financial difficulties are among the leading causes of why most individuals resort to doing criminal acts. He said, “we know that contact with the justice system can cause financial difficulties, but the opposite is also true: often, financial insecurity leads people to incarceration. To break this connection, it is imperative that we reverse the disinvestment of at-risk communities and build financial literacy in those individuals most at-risk.” With this in mind, Travis decided to include financial management lessons in his programs.

Although AccomplishED Ventures has made its noble mark across the country, Travis Richey thought it best to expand its reach by partnering with another organization that had a similar mission, which is the Los Angeles Archdiocese Partnership for Re-Entry Program or PREP. Through the vision of Sister Hodges, who has spent years formulating and perfecting PREP, she developed an insight program specifically designed to address the causes of criminal behavior and how to keep this from affecting more individuals around the world. Travis wishes that this partnership can further the organization’s noble purpose of transforming the lives of inmates and former convicts and leading them towards a path of success and happiness.

Travis Richey’s accomplishments and noble intentions prove that it is possible to become a vessel of transformation in the middle of this cutthroat world. Through AccomplishED Ventures, he hopes to inspire other individuals to join him in his cause of opening more doors of opportunities and making the world a better place.

To know more about Travis Richey and AccomplishED Ventures, you may visit their website.

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