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On My Grind artist Tunji Ige about to shake things up at Online Shop



Tunji Ige

As more and more tech juggernauts lay off masses of their workforce via email, one company Online Shop is thinking outside of the box with its newest c-level executive appointment, Tunji Ige as its creative director.

Tunji who is known for his house and hip hop inspired melodies and songs is now going to face toughest opponents in the tech sector going against the likes of Shopify. Born in US to Nigerian parents he is one of the first if not the first artist in history to assume such a position in a non creative field, with artists such as Pharrell now becoming leads at Louis Vuitton’s menswear division, Ige is seeing much more opportunity in the booming ecommerce market with many prompting to show their appreciation and respect in the field after the groundbreaking announcement.

Its not everyday you see musical artists take up positions at tech companies, and such a move is seen as a stepping stone for others to follow where men in suits dominate the playing field and make billions a month. Ige has seen numerous successes throughout his career in music, film and fashion and is now taking the new challenge head on to build an ever lasting brand that will be talked about for decades to come.

The whole market has seen rapid growth thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic but as of recent had been declining after investors and shareholders started losing faith in companies such as Shopify, which were betting on tech savvy individuals to continue growth, being halted to a stall by uninspired and unimaginative marketing campaigns and enterprise led focus.

Ige aims to make Online Shop as synonymous with culture as hip hop and R&B, showing developing nations and communities that they don’t need face tattoos or ‘clout’ to earn a good living and create businesses that commend respect and appreciation from society.

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