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Turn Your Business Into A Repeatable System To Create Predictability And Scalability



Turn Your Business Into A Repeatable System To Create Predictability And Scalability

Most entrepreneurs don’t really have a business, they just have a “hustle” that is currently holding them back from both making the money they wish to make as well as serving those who need their help.

You see, business is about delivering your value to the group of people who need help solving the problem that you know how to solve. Success in business comes down to being able to consistently deliver that value in a predictable and scalable way.

My company, Gravel to Castle Accelerator, and I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in more industries than I can count on my hand, and I’ve come to the realization that most of the entrepreneurs who are proud to claim that they work 18 hour days really aren’t productive in the majority of the hours that they work.

Meaning, most of the time that they dedicate towards working is quite pointless in the long run. Why is this? It’s because they haven’t taken the time to create a true system that their business follows that actually ensures it’s growth.

When you have a clear process that you follow each and every time to acquire a client, deliver your value to them, and then leverage their success to get even more business, you no longer have any guesswork. You know exactly what to do and when.

When I first started my business, I was running in circles like a crazy hamster because I wasn’t being intentional with my time and energy. This resulted in wasted time, less generated profit than I wanted, and fewer people being served than I knew I was truly capable of serving.

It wasn’t until I looked at my business as a machine and asked myself, “How can I make sure this thing runs smoothly?” that my company started seeing massive acceleration towards our goals.

So for the business owners currently reading this, I highly suggest you start to look at the way you operate your business a little differently from here on out. Instead of spending the day getting a bunch of tasks done that you believe need to get done, take some time to really look at your business as a whole and map out the typical process that your business goes through.

Starting from the very first interaction of your ideal clients discovering you to the positive review stage where they are telling their friends and colleagues about how incredible working with you was, list all the steps that are absolutely necessary for your business to follow.

Once you do that, create an efficient and simple process to doing each of those steps and delegate or automate them as best as you can.

Doing so will allow you to not only be much more productive and intentional with your time and energy because now you are focused on being a true business owner (instead of just someone who hustles), but it also will then lead to a much more predictable and scalable business.

My name is Ken Conklin, and I hope you got value from this article.

I founded a consulting company called Gravel to Castle that weaponizes businessmen with tools & accountability for mastering the game of massive expansion in both their business & personal life.