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Uribecastings Provides a Platform to Let Models of All Size Shine



Breaking into the modeling industry can be difficult as there is constant pressure on the models to maintain their looks and lifestyles. Brianna Uribe is a model who witnessed this firsthand and sought to find a solution. She would create Uribecastings, a company that casts models that range from XS to XL, where Brianna works as the creative director.

Before Uribecastings, Brianna started as a video girl for celebrities like Fivio Foreign, Stunna 4 Vegas, and Phresher, even playing roles in short films. She would later find a career as a model, walking in New York Fashion Week for Rian Fernandez, Remahli, 7hands, and Jovani.

Initially, Brianna had only dreamt of becoming a model. She never thought she would get the opportunity to even walk in the New York Fashion Show. Brianna was discovered when she was out one night at a club and bumped into a CEO that worked organizations that had ties to the show. She would ask Brianna if she had any experience, to which Brianna responded enthusiastically. From there, her modeling career would take off. 

This year, Brianna was at fitting to get styled by designers straight from Africa with the show set to start in an hour. It was an exciting moment for her as she had the opportunity to walk for two designers. While the first fitting went well, the second one didn’t do so good. Brianna was trying on a garment and found that it was not going past her thighs. The designer started to get agitated and had her remove the piece. As she was taking it off, the designer turned to production and asked for a skinnier model.

Brianna was crushed. Despite doing so well with the first fitting, she still felt her self-esteem hit a stump. When Brianna got home that night, she asked herself if she was already skinny. Brianna wondered, what was skinnier? The more Brianna lingered on the question, the more she became motivated to develop inexperienced and plus-size models to get involved in the modeling industry. She saw that they lacked diversity.

Her aspirations gave birth to Uribecastings, a company that would take aspiring, inexperienced models of all shapes. Uribecastings work hard to develop their models and build their portfolios, monthly photoshoots, and weekly challenges to improve their skills. By doing so, they help them get discovered and give them the chance to stand under the spotlight and become voices to women of all heights, shapes, and colors. 

While more modeling agencies are casting beautiful talents of all heights and shapes, Uribecastings provides a unique opportunity for their models to represent their sizes. Every four months, they pick out five different premium models and give them a voice to represent and show other agencies why they should start acknowledging diversity and body positivity. Although Uribecatings mainly focus on women, they have recently started casting male models as Brianna believes that male models are just as important in the industry.

Brianna Uribe is hopeful that her company’s catalog will grow and branch off into an agency that works behind the camera.

To learn more about what Uribecastings do, you may follow them on Instagram.

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