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Using Google Business Messages For Customer Engagement




Dealing with the customers in an online space can be challenging at times. The businesses need to understand that these customers don’t have the luxury of visiting a store, physically. Therefore, it becomes essential to cater to their queries proactively. With the google business messages, you can now meet this requirement. 

A real-time chat feature, google business messages is the best engagement channel. The brand can engage with customers using savvy channels instead of traditional channels. 

Understanding Google Business Messages

Google business messages is a free of cost, real time chat feature. It helps the prospective customers to reach out to your business. This can be done directly through the google business profile listing on Google search as well as maps. There are multifaceted benefits of using google business messages. Firstly, it makes it super simple for the customers to contact your brand. Secondly, it helps the customers to entrust your brand and build a nice customer experience. 

With the help of google business messages, the customers can directly contact the business in case of queries. This replaces the extra effort in scrolling and searching for a website’s phone number or email address. 

How Does Google Business Messages Work

The users initially try to reach out to a business, either on maps or Google search. Over here, they will spot a google business card. You have the option to either call them, message them or ask for directions. It is only businesses with google messages that have the message button on their business card. Hence, the customers can directly drop a message and hear back from the business in no time. 

Benefits of Google Business Messages

There are a host of benefits that google business messages has to offer. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of them. 

1- Prompt availability when customers need you

Instead of spending the additional time in finding a contact number, customers can reach your brand via your business card. All they need to do is click on that message button. The businesses are immediately notified so that you can be available for your customers. 

2- Integrating social media with Google business messages

The google business messages can be integrated with several chat platforms. The social media can be interlinked through a management software with the google business messages. This helps in enhancing the journey of the customers. 

3- Personalized experience for customers

In order to create a more personalized experience for the customers, you can share various media in different formats. You can use this to respond to the queries of the customers, if any and give it a personal touch. If you add a visual or audio support, customers are bound to be lured in. 

4- Reduction in response time

The brands that reach out to the customers on social media are more likely to receive a response. Maintaining a regular flow of conversation helps in reducing waiting time. This is the only way that the businesses can retain the customers for long. 

5- Increasing revenue

If your business has a physical location, google business messages can be the key to more revenue. People often throw out Pamphlets and brochures across the street. In this way, the business strategy is quite likely to fail. However, through google business messages where you give them additional information, this isn’t the case. You can easily engage with the customers and turn it into an opportunity to regularly engage with them.

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