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Using Protective Techno Gel for Safeguarding Electronic Connectors



Techno Gel Gum

Electronic connectors are not just wire-to-wire interface electrical components. These connectors also help transfer huge volumes of data needed for many types of applications such as autonomous driving.

Connectors are being introduced to new environments that involve extreme temperatures, vibrational energy, mechanical shock fields, toxic gasses, etc. Automotive and aerospace industries have started to include adjustable thermoplastic gel pads while manufacturing vehicle and airplane parts. Flexible gel pads can increase the durability and reliability of mechanical products.

Gel gum or gel pads are used for sealing electrical connectors. It should be noted that both the seal and the component being sealed have to be treated as one. Likewise, the gel seals and the electrical connectors are one system and they have to be compatible to achieve successful sealing. Ideally, different connector types need different contact types (gel seal).


What is a gel and how does it work?

Gels can effectively combine two effects to make a seal. When compressed, gel gums can conform around several kinds of objects for sealing purposes. The thermodynamics of this process allows the gel to completely seal and form a natural protection against air and water.

For instance, a single techno gel gum composite seal can be used to seal all the surface contact cavities in an electrical connector. A gel composite seal will be seen and appear as one solid piece. The gel seal is compressed between the compression cap and the bottom-side surface of the connector recess. The in-between gap is designed in a specific way so that it can be controlled to apply good compression to the gel seal.


A basic design rule checklist of the suitability of the gel gums for sealing and protection:

  • The connector requires a rear-end recess to acquire the gel
  • The compression cap must be designed in such a way that it can apply pressure on the gel
  • The connector compression height tolerances should be maintained
  • The connector requires a compression curve, which has to be generated
  • Symmetrical latches need to be created for the compression cap along one side of the connector


Techno Gel Gum

One of the best gel gums includes Raytech’s Techno gel gum, a polymeric encapsulated compound used primarily for insulating and sealing connectors. The gel provides a high level of protection (IP 68) during its applications. It sets relatively fast even at room temperature with adhesive qualities.


Silicone-based Gel pads

The power of gel to seal a particular application is identified by its compatible features with that application. Silicone gel pads with their superior properties enhance the shelf life of electrical connectors and give adequate protection. Gel gums are not complacent with all kinds of connectors. Techno Gel gum manufacturers design the gel seal using special guidelines. The beneficial properties of such gels are presented to users of electronics connectors in the automotive and other industries.

You can approach Raytech Gels, the official distributor in the United States for Raytech Italy. The company offers an extensive range of electrical components and accessories designed for the production of electrical cables.