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Vanessa Johnson Walking Through Faith Without Limitations



Vanessa Johnson, known as “Fireball,” walks as a Prophetic Voice whom God has called to walk in the offices of Pastor and Prophetess. She was spiritually born on October 23, 1995, ordained and installed as a Pastor in June 2010. Vanessa continues to demonstrate her total commitment, trust, and dependence on God. She has never stopped searching and yearning for the deep things of and about God. She admits that there is more to God than what meets the eye, and there aren’t any limitations to what God can and will do. Vanessa was called into full-time ministry in September 1998 as a Prophetess. Since then, according to her, she has continued to flow with the Father’s heartbeat in the anointing at many different levels of teaching, prophecy, healing, administration, and spiritual warfare.

Vanessa Johnson is also a successful life strategist, mentor, best-selling author with multiple business organizations to her name. She is also the founder of The Fight Is Fixed™ Conglomerate LLC. And even though her success speaks for her, Vanessa has never hidden that her journey had its challenges. She admits that there were times of crying, depression, frustration, and times she wanted to give it all up. Still, thanks to her knowledge of strategies and principles of victory, she was able to walk through it all by trusting God and the Holy Spirit. Now a biological mother to three young adult children and two foster young adults, grandchildren, and several spiritual children under her stewardship, Vanessa is building a future generation of ministers of God, Pastors, and Prophetesses.

Vanessa says the Holy Spirit is why she continues to expand her ministry without limitation and has continued to live and walk by faith, moving through the kingdom of darkness and shaking up the foundation of the kingdom of darkness through intense and unending intercession and spiritual warfare.

When asked what makes her and her ministry different and famous, she says, “I am pioneering my God-given platform from the traumatic experiences I mentioned in addition to almost becoming homeless. I am conquering it all as a bold and courageous woman of influence, power, culture, elegance, and stamina. My passion for helping others has emanated into a journey of helping others overcome the same obstacles in their lives.”  She describes her target audience as people of all races and colors who seek a personal encounter with God, but more importantly, young adults aging out of foster care, single mothers, and survivors of domestic violence.

On her motivation, Vanessa recalls the encounter she had with a strange woman in the early 2000’s when the woman asked her if she could watch her teenage daughter for her while she (the woman) went to take care of some business (serve a prison sentence). To Vanessa, that was where she got a much bigger purpose of being a foster mom and opening a transitional housing facility from which she continues to do to date and is even creating a team of people who are willing to take upon a similar purpose. This was the birthing of B.O.L.T. (Building Overcomers 2 Live Triumphantly) Ministries Inc., now Dunamis Homes of Divine Intervention, to assist young adults who are aging out of foster care as well as learning valuable life skills. Through her other organization, Dunamis Dominion LLC – The Genesis Project, she focuses on helping single mothers and fathers stand on their feet and raise their children without hassle.

When asked where she sees herself and her ministry in five years,’ she said, “Expanding into at least 10-20 states. Speaking on many platforms, including internationally. Empowerment Tours.”

Connect with Vanessa via her organization’s website Life of Victory Strategist, Dunamis H.O.D.I.Dunamis Dominion LLC.

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