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Vape CBD Oil for Hemp Extract Oil Benefits



Vape CBD Oil for Hemp Extract Oil Benefits

When most people think of CBD, their mind wanders to all the negative stories and rumors accompanied with a hemp-based product. Most people do not know, however, that some CBD products actually contain no THC, which is the part of marijuana that gets you high. One of those companies that sells 0% THC CBD products is Johnny Apple. Their CBD products are natural, safe, and made from 100% coconut derived MCT oil. In fact, Johnny Apple’s CBD products are so safe, they can even be administered to your pet, of course, after you consult your trusted veterinarian.

CBD is a cannabidoil that is derived from 40% hemp plant. Many Johnny Apple customers have stated that the hemp oil extract benefits from their CBD products have helped with Acne, ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Depression, Eczema, Fibromyalgia, General inflammation, Hemorrhoids, Insomnia, Parkinson’s Disease, Physical soreness/pain, and PTSD. While CBD oil is not an official cure for any illness, it does assist in subsiding symptoms of said diseases to make them more bearable in your everyday life.

CBD hemp extract oil benefits can help people in many different ways. The CBD oils from Johnny Apple, for example, can be ingested, applied externally, and even vaped. CBD oil is NOT cannabis, meaning it does not contain the psychoactive drug THC. CBD comes from hemp, which is used for medical use, and strictly CBD is extracted, making this one of the safest forms of CBD usage.

Johnny Apple features many different ways to get your CBD fix. First is their CBD Tincture Oils, which come in two different strengths, 500mg and extra strength 1000 mg in their 1 oz. tincture bottles with dropper. They recommend starting with 10 MG of Hemp Extract per dose of 500 MG oil and 20 MG of Hemp Extract for the Extra Strength 1000 MG oil. All Johnny Apple CBD tincture oils are also alcohol-free, making them safe for you and your pets.

For something more versatile, try their hemp isolates. These can be added to a drink, used in cooking, vaped, or even dabbed. Choose from mint, berry, or citrus to target insomnia, stress, pain relief, PTSD, anti-anxiety, and anti-spasm. The hemp isolate uses CBD crystalline isolate targeted to help with these different medical properties. Try either a half gram or full gram to get your CBD fix. Or, try our “Calm Balm” topical relief to directly target pain and anxiety in a 25 ML tin.

One of the newest ways to reap the benefits of hemp oil is through a STEM hemp oil vaporizer system. This is a pod-based system that utilizes a specific Johnny Apple battery and comes with 0.5ML STEM Pod, Johnny Apple STEM Vaporizer Battery, Micro-USB Charger, and
User Manual. Chose from four flavors: Pure, Zenergy Orange, Bliss Green, and Calm Purple, and always have access to vape from your CBD oil pen in a discrete and efficient manner.

Johnny Apple tries to ship to anywhere in the world, unless certain restrictions apply to that area. Your shipping fee will apply after you place your order details, and Johnny Apple will work to have your product on its way as soon as possible. For more information about Johnny Apple and our CBD products, or for more information about the health benefits from CBD hemp seed oil, visit our website at or contact us, today!

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