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Vasjan Zisi on the Power of Grit and Perseverance



Everyone has seeds of greatness planted deep within their souls. Simply put, each person is gifted with a unique talent of their own. The only thing separating those who blossom from those who remain in the shadows is the lack of confidence. And for this reason, Vasjan Zisi took it upon himself to nurture and cultivate the skills of those who have yet to see the exceptional talent and abilities they have. 

On a mission to free aspiring creatives from the shackles of self-doubt, Vasjan Zisi strives to instill unwavering courage and blazing determination in others. He has addressed himself to the challenge of emboldening dreamers and go-getters to kick off their careers and expand their horizons. And fueled by his desire to help and inspire, this visionary seeks to transform dormant potential into a powerful force that could catapult anyone to the summits of success. 

Born in Athens, Greece, Vasjan Zisi, more prominently known as “Vas,” is a music and club promoter. Originally from Albania, Vas moved to Boston, Massachusetts, when he was nineteen years old. And two years later, he has already worked with renowned artists like Lil Baby, Megan Thee Stallion, NLE Choppa, Blueface, Da Baby, and many more. On top of that, Vas bagged the “Promoter of the year Award” at the 2020 Mega Mass Tv Awards. He was also one of the judges in the SoundBites Awards in Boston.

Proving to be unstoppable at his game, Vasjan Zisi took his career to the next level by expanding his horizons. He is now connected with local musicians in the New England area. He supports budding artists and gives them the opportunity they need to make a name for themselves. In addition, he is also the curator of the Apple Musical playlist, “New England Top 50.” And with everything he has accomplished, Vas has shown that he is on the right track towards becoming an extraordinary hip-hop artist. 

In many interviews, Vasjan Zisi shares that he will be releasing his first song very soon. He also narrated that his motivation for his craft unfolded when he was throwing school events during his high school years. Since then, he started organizing bigger shows in his hometown, Korce, Albania. He added that when he moved to Boston, he did not know anyone. It was even more challenging for him since English was not his first language. But because he was deeply rooted in his goals and dreams, he did not let anything get in the way. 

As one of the foremost advocates of grit and hard work, Vasjan Zisi believes that anything is possible for those who go all-in with their endeavors and pursuits. His humble beginnings serve as proof that obstacles and hurdles are no match for an indomitable spirit coupled with bold ambitions. He wants his story to bring hope to deserving individuals looking for a breakthrough in their careers. 

The road to success is one tough grind. However, Vasjan Zisi reminds everyone that the hardships and challenges that one will encounter along the way are all going to be worth it. As a matter of fact, these struggles will make victories and triumphs more meaningful and rewarding. And as this icon of resilience continues to touch lives with his vision, he encourages people to go after their dreams and take risks. 

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