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Vernell And Veronica Beckum Share Insight That Has Proven Useful To Business Owners All Around The World



Vernell and Veronica Beckum

Business With The Beckums is a firm founded by Vernell and Veronica Beckum. It comprises a number of ventures that hinge their operations on family values, business, and finance.  

Business With The Beckums’ sole aim is to get industry leaders and business owners aligned on the same wavelength and help with building a game plan for the future.

Sometime ago Vernell and Veronica gave insights on their journey so far, some of the challenges they encountered while building their business and how they overcame them. This article covers all the topics they talked about. We are sure that you’ll find the information below useful;

Accomplishing Growth

To grow, you need to be equipped with positive traits, and a good number of them.

The Beckums strongly believe that you should have in your armory, traits such as perseverance, proper work habits, openness, and self-reward. 

Excluding those, The Beckums also believe that you must possess the ability to keep up with a certain level of consistency even in the face of dwindling results because the breakthrough you seek just might be around the corner. 

They had more to say still…..

On the execution of tasks, try to give less space for excuses and focus your energy on achieving results. The most difficult and most important things should be executed first. This ensures that your best work is done during the execution of the most important and most intense tasks. 

In addition, self-reward should be normalized. This incentive ensures you work harder and push down on your own records.  Finally, a small pocket of honest friends will serve more useful than an army of dishonest individuals. Harm yourself with honest people, you’re going to need them. A combination of all these above listed will result in exponential growth. Get to work! 

On Obstacles faced

Obstacles are a part of our daily lives and let’s face facts, they are unavoidable. A major challenge Vernell and Veronica faced was determining what exactly they wanted for the brand and the audience demographic they wanted to reach out to. 

It was difficult because these decisions were core components of the business. Figuring out the right message to pass across and ensuring they created an aura of trust around the brand was another concern.  

After a while, they found a solution.  The Beckums focused on the creation of core values. “If you want it badly enough, you will put in the hard work to design the life you want to live” – Vernell shares. 

This mindset proved useful in surmounting the challenges that stood before them.  

Preventing Stress

In achieving greatness, a certain level of stress has to be endured. Basically, No pain, no gain. Especially when high risks and revolutionary changes are on the cards. 

Necessary as it is, excessive stress can do great amounts of damage if not avoided and managed properly. To ward off stress and avoid burnout, the Beckums believe inappropriate role implementation and routines. 

Within the habitual activity, sanity and order can be found. It’s in the effective management of time and resources that responsibilities are taken on successfully and decisions get actualized. 

Attaining success

Everyone wants a taste of success even if it’s the slightest bit of it. It is our ultimate goal. But how does one go about attaining success? Below the Beckums share some key pointers;

Take Risks:  No matter how properly executed risk calculations are, there always exists that chance of failure. Regardless of this, the taking of risks should not be jettisoned. Risks bear rewards, great rewards.  

Create a well-defined goal: What use is a goal if its conditions aren’t clearly outlined? In setting goals, proper processing would do a world of good because well thought out clearly defined and time-bound goals result in increased levels of productivity and efficiency. These goals being time-bound could be daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.  

Never stop working towards your goal: Your goals seem hard? Don’t relent. No matter how hard it may look, never give up. Robustly review and project your goals and keep working towards their achievement. 

Drawing Inspiration

Further, into the discussion, the Beckums were asked about the source of inspiration that spurred the creation of a diverse brand and they pointed out that a good support system can inspire action.

They further reiterated the need to establish connections with colleagues, friends, and family as these people make up the fundamental support system – massive action inspired by members of their support system birthed the brand. 

The past doesn’t define the future of anybody, neither does it actively define their entirety. Business with the Beckums is the bedrock of a triumphant brand, coupled with a nationwide preservation company in total presence preservation. Vernell and Veronica are ready to assist with inspiring others who need to take charge of their destinies and push past the limits to achieve their full potential.  


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