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Views from the tallest building in Ottawa



Views from the tallest building in Ottawa

Justin ‘ions’ Fijalkowski aka “ionsthegoat” is a 20 year old Polish-Canadian. Justin is a Social Media Specialist & photographer from Ottawa, the capital of Canada, he is always showing off his outfits on his Instagram he managed to stand foot on the Claridge Icon in Ottawa, which will be the highest residence tower in Ottawa


Justin Fijalkowski with a goat


We were immediately intrigued and decided to reach out to him to learn more about the building and we listened to what Justin Fijalkowski had to say


Q: Justin How did you get access to the building?

A: Getting into, then on top of Claridge Icon was a lot easier then most surprisingly, myself and photographer found an opening to get inside, and took advantage of it. No security, just two cameras, with a lot of blind spots. We did it broad daylight, with a lot of people walking by so that helped us blend in.


Q: What did you feel when you stood on top?

A: Very cold. Was -35C (-31F), but the view was breathtaking and worth freezing for. Claridge Icon is 16 floors taller than the previous tallest in Ottawa, so it’s nice to be getting tall buildings built in the city!

“Micro influencer Justin Fijalkowski knew on Instagram as ‘’ionsthegoat’’ managed to step foot on top of 469 ft Claridge Icon, what’s soon to be the tallest building in Ottawa


Q: What do you think of the architecture?

A: Beautiful architecture, love how the balconies were designed. Can’t wait to see the final result in person!

Q: Which contractor is assigned to build the tower?

A: The building is being developed by Claridge


Q: When will the building be officially done?

A: I would say 2020, now that it’s not winter I expect them to be working crazily on the inside work. But I heard no official date yet.

Q: Will the tower be used as a living space, such as apartments & if yes, do you know how much it will cost to live there?

A: Yes, will be apartments, and condos. There will be 320 units, price range from $330,000’s and up, unit sizes ranging from 610 to 1630 square feet.


Q: Would you want to live in Claridge Icon

A: If I choose to live in a nice condo later in life I see myself in the Claridge Icon.


I want to thank him for his time, and if you are into fashion and photography I recommended that you’ll follow him here  

If you want more information on the Claridge Icon you can see that here

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