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Vincent de Boer on how to use Social Media for success



Vincent de Boer

If you are trying to grow a brand now-a-days, then Instagram is a musthave. Everyone is constantly on it, checking for updates, addicting to getting likes, and showing of how popular some of us have become.

This provides chances for young people to stand-out in this field, one of them is the 19-year-old Vincent de Boer from The Netherlands, he is the guy who was behind some of the biggest Instagram pages in 2015.

de Boer grew up in Winschoten in the Netherlands, where is currently studying Graphic Design. Vincent de Boer was always intrigued by Social Media, ever since Hyves (An old social media site – kinda like Facebook, but Dutch) existed. Vincent de Boer noticed that the more friends he had, the more engagement he had. This stuck with him, till one day he came across Instagram. He immediately signed up with multiple accounts, in a variety of niches. Which he all grow up to 500.000 followers!

Brands started reaching out to him for promotions at this time, de Boer who was still young at this time, helped the brands out in exchange for money. But it wouldn’t last long, he noticed that the pictures which where aimed at ‘selling’ and ‘promotions’ reached a very low amount of engagement in comparison with the normal content he uploaded.

Vincent de Boer

Vincent de Boer in Italy

Vincent de Boer tried to find a way to profit of his accounts without losing so much engagement so quickly. This is when he found out, he could help brands and accounts grow with his expertise. This is also what he is still doing now.

de Boer can feel fortunately he learned entrepreneurship at such a young age, as he is benefiting off it everyday.

Social Media and expressing my voice in this busy world

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