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Voth Reveals the Key to Their Country Music Success



There are artists and bands today that play with such chemistry that one would think they were family. But for the Alternative Country band Voth, they’re not just close to the likeness of a family. They’re literally family. Four siblings- Caleb, Hannah, Cody, and Jacob- have risen up in the country music ranks.

Voth’s frontman, Caleb, plays the guitar and sings. His sister Hannah and brother Cody take up vocals while Jacob plays the drums for the quartet. Together, they come up with a sound and vibe that continues to capture the hearts and minds of listeners from all over the country and beyond. With soul-soothing tracks like “I Choose Us,” “American Rebels,” and “Sweetest Regret,” Voth knows what good music is, and they deliver it to their listeners every time. 

The children of pastors in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the four siblings virtually grew up around everything gospel and country. They would also later pick up other musical influences while exploring melodies and beats as a single unit. Caleb, Hannah, Cody, and Jacob spent many days growing up dancing to the sounds of Roger Miller, John Denver, Alison Krauss, Diamond Rio, Toby Keith, Johnny Cash, Reba, and Pure Prairie League. Voth quickly maintains how crucial their parents were to their love for music and determination to pursue it professionally. Today, they bring pride, not just to the Voth family, but also to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the rich and cultural roots of Route 66.

As a family and country band, the quartet’s chemistry is unmistakable. Even their songwriting process turns into a family affair. While Caleb writes most of the songs, all three other siblings pitch in and play a crucial role in the music development process. “Hannah and Cody add the harmonies and also possibly alternate melodies to the song,” Caleb shares. “Jacob then really challenges the song structure making sure it flows and is truly authentic. He is a hard critic and kind of tells me how it is.” The quad of musical phenomena come together to form melodies that serenade crowds and listeners everywhere. 

After releasing a string of successful singles like “I Choose Us” and “Sweetest Regret” back in 2018, Voth would release its first EP album this year, with tracks like “Right Direction,” “Pyro,” “Seventeen,” and a few others. Today, their songs continue to make rounds on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and other digital channels. On the giant music streaming service, Spotify, Voth’s music gathers over 7,000 listeners a month. “Sweetest Regret” is their biggest streaming hit to date, having gathered close to 300,000 streams and still growing. “I Choose Us,” follows with over 130,000 listens. Today, five of Voth’s songs have now hit five digits in streams on Spotify. 

Together, the Voth family is ready to face any challenge that comes their way. They know where they want to go and continually find ways to get there. And while they admit that shifting to professional music has been nothing short of challenging, they unite and overcome all tragedies and trials. More than being a music group, they are truly a family that sticks together. 

With that, it’s safe to say for Voth and Alternative Country music fans that the band is here to stay for a very long time. They still have so much to offer and look to over-deliver every time. To learn more about Voth, visit their website, Instagram account, or Spotify.

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