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Ways To Look After An African Grey Parrot



The medium-sized African grey parrot is a fascinating pet due to its intelligent personality and impressive mimicry skills. Many individuals who own African greys claim that their pets are empathetic and know the contextualized speech. The African grey parrot is not only a skilled mimic but also a very intelligent creature; in fact, it has been dubbed “the Einsteins of the bird world.”

To know more about African Grey Parrot price, care and behavior, keep reading.

Origin & History

The tropical countries of Africa—including Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda—are home to the African grey parrot. Dense woods are the species’ preferred environment, although they are also regularly seen in forest borders and open savannas.

Care and Nutrition

The African grey parrot is frequently used as an example of a highly intelligent parrot because of its propensity to learn new words and phrases and its shown ability to understand what such words and phrases imply.

Toys that stimulate the African grey’s mind, like foraging and puzzle toys, are essential. Foraging may be a lot of fun with Lafeber Company’s Nutri-Berries. This berry-shaped superfood combines a variety of grains, seeds, and other minerals.

Nutri-Berries entice African greys to hold, eat, and even play with them since the grains and seeds are generally complete and shaped into a berry shape. This is reminiscent of the foraging behavior of wild African greys.

Putting the cage against a wall, rather than in the center of the room, may help calm an African grey parrot that is too sensitive to noise and chaos.

Behavior and Characteristics

Most aviculturists agree that only a seasoned bird lover should take on caring for a grey. These parrots are sophisticated, sensitive, and a tad demanding. They are sensitive and intelligent, which may sometimes make them a challenge to live with.

Sensitive greys are creatures of habit and may get upset by even little disruptions to their daily lives. They also have the terrible habit of picking at their feathers and eating them.

 Does Every African Grey Speak?

The vast majority of African greys have a vocal repertoire. Their capacity to communicate and imitate speech is a key factor in their allure.

But even if kids pick up a few words on their own, you should still take the time to educate them so they may build a more robust lexicon.

When does an African Grey begin to speak?

The average age at which an African grey begins to communicate is between 12 and 18 months. Some words and noises may be said and imitated sooner, but conversation and chitchat don’t start until much later.

Cost of an African Grey Parrot

An African Grey Parrot’s price can be anything from $1,500 to $3,000. Because they are more widely available, Congo African greys are less expensive than Timneh Parrots in the pet trade. On the other hand, annual expenses might reach $3,200 between food, a spacious cage, toys, perches, dishes, vet visits, and insurance.

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