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We Are More Than Our Sexuality



Losing one’s confidence due to the judgment of a person’s sexuality is a subject that remains taboo in our society. The community expects us, men and women, to act according to our gender roles. 

The household is where a woman belongs. The man of the house should have more responsibility and, therefore, must be tough. Over the years, more men and women refuse to stand up for themselves due to fear of being rejected by society’s social norms.

The fear instilled by the community could impact the individual’s mental and emotional state. Some men and women have no choice but to adapt to what their society expects from them. These persons cannot adequately express how they feel and don’t know who they are anymore.

Changing a person’s point of view because of their sexuality is not right. When a woman acts more masculine than a man, it does not mean that a man is inferior. When a man feels entitled that he needs to express himself emotionally, it does not mean that he is weak. 

Due to the beliefs set by the community, Linda Tsuei, a divorced single mom of three kids, created a business that would challenge the roles and stigmas of modern society. Prejudice is everywhere. Linda Tsuei’s battle became a battle for everyone. Linda Tsuei created a way to gain back a person’s mental and emotional state through music. The physical movement opened a whole new transformation for each individual participating in the activity. 

As per Linda Tsuei, “Society as a whole needs to change the way they hold ideas and women and men. If we want men to connect to their emotions, we should stop telling them to toughen up as kids. If we want (a) woman to have healthy mindsets, then they need to be allowed to be a woman and recognize that (it) does not lessen their intelligence or abilities”.

Linda Tsuei‘s strong belief in how society should change its values resulted in creating her own business, the “Studio Air.” Studio Air promotes that regardless of age, gender, or background, anyone who deems to step into the physical movement of their bodies through music will find restoration. Linda introduced pole dancing as a way to cope up with emotional trauma and build strength. 

One of Studio Air‘s activities includes Pole dancing. The exercise is said to enhance one’s confidence. The practice helps people connect with themselves from deep within. Pole dancing allows one to move according to their body’s phase and promote a mental and emotional well being. 

This activity may have some similarities with yoga, as both help with inner peace and spiritual healing. However, with the case of yoga, it does not go near the topic of sexuality, unlike pole dancing.

Sexuality and sensuality must not be a taboo subject in our society anymore. Women are not weak. Men are entitled to express how they feel. The social norms keep messing up with one’s belief. We are not to be defined by our sexualities, because we are so much more than that. Our sexuality is only a piece that makes up a part of who we are as a person. 

The same goes for young children who want to take their path. Let the kids be comfortable with what they want to pursue in life. The media and society should not dictate how they should go about their future. 

Linda Tsuei is one of the best examples of people exemplifying how we can show the society that we are all allowed to act and become what we want. Linda shows an extraordinary approach to dealing with the prejudice caused by the standard set by our community.  

If empowering yourself as a person is your goal this year, then you might want to check out Linda’s fun activities through Air Studio’s Instagram account or their website.

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