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What Difference Do Women Of Crypto NFTs Make In the Metaverse



Looking at the stats of how many women are involved in Crypto makes many realize how women are unaware of crypto and its works. According to research, only 16% of women were utilizing NFTs to make money in November which indicates the severe need for efforts to make women engage with the crypto world and conquer their space. Fortunately, several women such as Amy Matsushima have now taken the initiative to introduce other women to the crypto sector and educate them about how things work in crypto. Amy’s business “Women Of Crypto” is a business that generates 3D avatar NFTs for women according to the specific qualities that women can use in Metaverse. This way, the number of women in crypto will certainly go up as one of the main ways women are actively engaging with crypto is via NFTs that can be used in Metaverse and unlock member-only benefits. 

The origins of the term Metaverse can be found in Neal Stephenson’s novel called “Snow Crash.” Metaverse is a 3D space where people can interact with other individuals online. The space which an individual gets is called “the street” where they can build their buildings and develop the street according to their preference. In other words, the metaverse is just an updated version of the internet and one can access it with AR and VR technologies easily. So what difference does the NFTs of Women Of Crypto make in the Metaverse?

If you own anything in the metaverse, then NFTs are the way to prove your ownership. Therefore, the avatars generated by Women Of Crypto can be used to browse the marketplace along with diving into the details of digital products they can choose the one that suits them best. All thanks to NFTs, users can engage in games where they can play and earn money for their efforts. These games are mainly an alliance that acts as a middleman to buy real estate and other valuables. Furthermore, NFT avatars can also be a great way of connecting with your friends in the metaverse. NFTs are all unique which means that every avatar will be a replica of the real-life version of you. 

Amy’s effort to introduce women to Web3 and the crypto world by initiating Women Of Crypto has been successful to a certain extent. Furthermore, the business is still in its initial phase which indicates that there is more space for growth in the future. NFTs and Metaverse are community-based; in this case, women have the benefits because women are usually way better at keeping the communities maintained to make sure that each member can grow. Furthermore, another underrated benefit of NFTs is that if you do not fit well in a community, you can just wrap up your digital assets and leave without facing any kind of loss. 

NFT avatars have undoubtedly hiked the interest of a substantial number of women in crypto, especially the ones that have a sharp creative side. Amy has successfully brought in a lot of women into the Metaverse with the help of her business by generating NFTs for every woman that defines their individuality and she looks forward to expanding her business to make crypto a comfortable space for women.

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