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What Goes with Modern Wood Furniture?



Wood furniture can add a warm touch to your interiors. If you plan on mixing wood furniture with other materials or textures, are you worried that the result may be mismatched and non-cohesive? Here’s what to know about combining wood furniture with other materials, so you’ll know how to blend pieces in your home. 

Decorate Old Wood in New Ways 

Find creative ways to decorate the wood. If you have a fully furnished bedroom, consider putting a wood dresser in the living room as a serving station for drinks or snacks. You can also use it as a storage for your dishware. That’s one way to breathe new life into an old wood furniture. Do you have wood nightstands? They can work as side tables in your living room, so give it a go. See how well you can integrate them into the rest of your home. 

Style with Vintage Finds 

Do you love shopping for vintage finds? You can use those items to decorate your modern wood furniture. Your finds don’t need to be expensive. A costly price tag doesn’t matter as long as the material or piece looks and feels right at home with your wooden tables, chairs, dressers, benches, and more. Vintage accents add an aged appearance to the ensemble, and that can pull all the pieces together into a cohesive whole. 

Consider Deep Colors 

What’s great about wood is that it can balance a room with airy colors. If you choose a deeper shade of wood, that can serve as an anchor for the rest of the interiors. That means a lighter color on your walls will look great. Imagine wood furniture in deep brown or black. Put that in a room with white walls and you’ll get dramatic results. That’s only one of the million ways you can use color to create the look and ambiance of your home. 

Use Various Tones 

You can also go with several tones or shades. How about applying undertones with yellow, blue, red, dark brown, or orange shades? You may think that means nothing. But by knowing the undertones, you can also add accent pieces to the room in the same shade and they will pick up the undertone around the room. That will create a wonderfully sumptuous feast of colors. You can also go darker or lighter with the shades, depending on the effect you want to try for your rooms. 

Pair with Painted Pieces

Combine some of your wood furniture with pieces that sport dark finishes. Having wood furniture in light and dark finishes scattered around your home can help create that warm balance of tones. Or you could decorate every room in a different shade. That will mean you’ll be more particular with the shades on your wood furniture, but if you’ve got an idea and you want to try a more cohesive look for every room in the house, go with it.

 Place Colorful Accents 

Don’t forget to dress up your wood furniture with colorful accents. From table lamps and books to planters, vases, and more, you can play with the wood’s undertone when you choose your accessories.