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What is the reason mercedes oil change are so expensive in Dubai?



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Dubai automotive manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is known for its top-quality automobiles, Mercedes oil change. It is a dependable company that makes vehicles of the highest standard in terms of performance and quality. But, an oil replacement for a Mercedes can cost between $200-$300, whereas you can get the same service for other luxury models, like Lexus at only a fraction of the cost.

Many factors are responsible for the cost of an oil replacement for a Mercedes however one of the biggest is the high cost of labor offered by the dealer. Apart from replacing the oil dealerships could also offer maintenance on other components of selected Mercedes models, which adds to the price, mercedes oil change.

In this article, we’ll examine a variety of reasons why Mercedes oil changes are costly. If this has been a question in your head for quite some time and wondered what the reason is, then here you’ll get all the answers you need to answer your questions.

Reasons Mercedes Benz Oil Changes Are Expensive:

As stated previously, a variety of reasons contribute to the pricey Mercedes-Benz oil change. Here are some of the main reasons why Mercedes Benz oil changes are extremely expensive:

The Quality of the Oil:

Oils that are compliant with European (ACEA) standards and are rated A3/B3 or A3/B4 are utilized in the manufacture of every vehicle manufactured in Dubai. They are synthetic-grade motor oils and their cost is higher than regular motor oils.

The fuel that meets the specifications required by Mercedes automobiles, referred to as Mercedes 229.5 is requirement for Mercedes automobiles. This is an additional degree of quality. This is why the high cost of gasoline is just one aspect that contributes to the cost related to oil changes for Mercedes-Benz cars.

Increased Capacity for Fuel:

The majority of cars manufactured in Dubaiy contain tanks of gasoline that are bigger in capacity than the ones made in Japan or in the United States, or other countries. Naturally, the cost increases in the event that you must purchase additional oil to bring the tank up to maximum capacity.

Different Oil Changing Methods:

If you’re changing oil in your car you must ensure that you clear the pan of the contents first. However the Mercedes-Benz engine requires that its oil be drained every so often. This method requires specialized knowledge as well as expensive vacuum equipment adds to the overall price.

Extra Services:

An oil change at the Mercedes dealership usually involves more than just an oil change. The technician will examine several components of the vehicle like the oil filter, fuel filter and cup filter and replace them if needed. These filters need to be examined and changed at every year at the very least. Additionally you should include the cost of labor in changing the wiper blades, turning the tires and cleaning the vehicle.

The Dealer:

In the case of oil replacements for your Mercedes-Benz having the service done at an approved dealer is likely to cost you more than if it was done by an individual repair service.

The reason that dealer rates are more expensive is because they are required to pay more for repair shop maintenance, and also on the salaries of a number of certified and trained technicians. Furthermore, finding a reputable repair shop could be difficult, and it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll receive the same top-quality service as dealerships provide mercedes oil change.

Specialist Equipment:

To ensure that the oil is removed from the Mercedes-Benz it is necessary to follow a specific procedure and a degree of proficiency is needed to be met. Both of these are available to dealers’ experts who have been trained in the field and are familiar with it.

In order to effectively eliminate any oil that is in the machine the procedure requires the use of expensive equipment, which first needs to extract the oil. Many fast lube shops and independent companies that specialize in oil replacement can provide similar services. The price you pay will reflect the experience and expertise you will receive when you take your Mercedes to the Mercedes gargashauto.