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What spaces are going to make you money in 2023 – easy guide




The internet brought globalization to us, and with that contact with foreigners is increasingly constant.

If you know other languages fluently, it might be a good idea to start teaching and doing translations both as an interpreter and as a text translator. It’s also important to note that you can make youtube videos about your lessons. You can also get instant youtube subscribers if you desire so. Of course, the values may vary for each language.

Text translation services are charged by number of words, on average a translation of 1000 words. And this we are talking about a common language that is English, other languages can have much higher values. And the demand for teachers and translators of all languages is increasingly being sought.

Freelance copywriter/reviewer

If you like to write, this is a business that can change your life. There are several free courses on the internet for copywriting editors and proofreaders, and several platforms to work as a freelancer. The web content production courses are short and in many cases free, and can be taken from a computer, cell phone or tablet. Working as a freelance copywriter or proofreader also gives you the autonomy to work from anywhere in the world, after all, all work is online and you only need to have access to the internet to be able to work.

The investment to start is zero if you already have a computer or notebook and an internet connection, which is common in most Brazilian homes today. You work your hours and earn per production, so the more essays and revisions you do, the more you earn.

Creation and negotiation of NFTs

You may have heard of NFT, which means Non Fungible Tokens or non-fungible Tokens, which, in practice, means unique items, often collectibles, ranging from simple nicknames to real real estate, or part of them. Like a deed to the property, only instead of being registered with a notary, it is registered on the blockchain.

NFTs are digital assets, which, like cryptocurrencies, can be transferred, but cannot be copied. Imagine the early days of the internet, when you could register any domain name as a website address. Many people made money by registering the names of famous brands and artists, to later resell them for astronomical prices when these people or companies showed interest in being part of the great network.