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What to Do When You Are Hit by a Distracted Driver and Safety Tips to Avoid It



An accident is the most common cause of personal injury. Accidents happen in different forms. One of the common forms of accidents is road accidents. A road accident may happen because of the failure of the driver to observe due diligence in driving the vehicle. One of the factors that contribute to the negligence of the driver is distraction. A driver who is distracted is prone to accidents because of lack of focus and awareness. 


The negligent driver may cause damage to the property of another or even a physical injury to a person. The person injured or whose property is damaged may demand compensation from the distracted driver But the injured person must know how and when to claim monetary compensation from the negligent driver. He or she must know the available legal remedies to claim compensation. 


Car Accident Lawyers


The car accident laywers play a vital role in helping the injured person to claim damages in an expeditious manner. The car accident lawyer will give legal advice about the options available to the injured person to obtain a favorable monetary award. The car accident lawyer will often do the following basic procedures:

  1. Gather information about the personal circumstances of the injured person.
  2. Gather evidence about how the accident happened.
  3. Gather proof of expenses incurred because of injury or damage and  loss of earnings.
  4. Ascertain legal options available to the injured to easily settle the case and claim compensation.
  5. File the necessary action to make the negligent party liable.


In the course of trial, the car accident lawyer must prove the following elements of negligence:

  1. There was an accident.
  2. The cause of the accident is the driver’s failure to observe diligence.
  3. The driver caused damage to the other person.