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Who Has It Easier? Left-handed Drivers Vs Right-handed Drivers



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Most of the world’s population drives on the right-hand side of the road, yet the first vehicles ever built were designed to be driven on the left-hand side.

Most of the items in our environment, from basic scissors to large machines, are made for the right-handed majority to utilise. Given this, it makes sense to assume that learning to drive is more difficult for left-handers. But is it the case?

In several sports, including tennis and boxing, it has been proved that left-handers have an advantage. Could that also be said of driving? To determine if lefties truly have it harder on the road, today, we compare driving right-handed versus left-handed.

Manual Driving

In a manual transmission vehicle, you need both hands to operate the gear shift and the steering wheel, whether left or right-handed.

For instance, Singaporean automobiles’ right-hand drive (RHD) design allows drivers to shift gears with their left hand and steer with their right. Do you require more precise control when steering or changing gears?

Most individuals would agree that steering requires greater control. Hence it is preferable to maintain your dominant hands on the wheel. Given that left-handers must learn to steer with their weaker hands, right-handed people will likely benefit in this situation. Being right-handed, then, is advantageous while driving a manual vehicle!

Brake and Acceleration Pedals

Fun fact: One of your legs is stronger than the other, much like with your hands. Left-handers typically have dominant left legs since your dominant leg usually matches your dominant hand. When it comes to braking and acceleration, this might also be a drawback when driving.

Typically, drivers are taught to utilise their right leg to reach the pedals while keeping their left leg motionless. As a result, left-handers will find it more difficult to control the pedals while driving. Meaning right-handed drivers appear to have the advantage so far.
Toyota Left Hand Drive Cars for Sale in UK

Picking up Skills

Despite all this, studies have shown that left-handers pick up driving more quickly than right-handers.

Left-handed people are more likely to learn faster than right-handed and pass their driving test on the first try, and instructors claim they pick up some abilities, such as clutch control, noticeably more rapidly. Is it possible that left-handed people simply learn more quickly? It’s also possible that because they’re so accustomed to practising their non-dominant hands every day, they get better at picking up new abilities in general, like driving.

In any case, it appears that learning to drive left-hand drive cars for sale UK has advantages over learning to drive right-handed.


Studies have revealed that left-hand drivers are less likely to be involved in road accidents than right-handers.

Due to the extra effort required to use their non-dominant hand, left-handers may be more aware of their surroundings and motions due to adjusting to a right-handed world.

They’re also more likely to drive carefully and precisely, which makes them safer drivers. A left-handed driver will most surely increase your chances of having a safe ride.


  • Left-handers 2
  • Right-handers 2

There’s a TIE! Driving while left-handed can have some drawbacks, but there are also plenty of benefits to make up for them. Even though left-handed people sometimes find Toyota Left Hand Drive Cars for Sale in UK challenging, they are just as skilled as right-handed people thanks to their rapid learning curve and careful driving.

Interesting Facts about Left- and Right-Hand Driving

  • The majority of the time in Bolivia, traffic must travel to the right, except one road known as “El Camino de la Muerte” (The Road of Death)
  • The only East African Community nations that continue to use the right side of the road are Rwanda and Burundi.
  • Despite the law mandating that driving be done on the left-hand side, the majority of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean use LHD private vehicles. In the U.S., Only Virgin Islands has resulted in numerous accidents.
  • Only Guyana and Suriname continue to have left-side driving on the continent of North and South America.
  • Despite the right-side driving requirement set by legislation in Kyrgyzstan, there is a sizable demand for Japanese-imported RHD vehicles.
  • Left-hand driving vehicles are not permitted in several African nations, such as Kenya, unless they are brought by diplomats from nations that drive on the left. Specialised vehicles, such as those used in mining and construction, are permitted.

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