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Why is it crucial for businesses to have an app?



Why is it crucial for businesses to have an app?

We are living in an era where mobile phones have become the most essential asset. You can see people indulged in their phones everywhere –on train stations, in buses, cars, parks, waiting for lines, even while sitting idly at home. On average, an American spends more than 2 hours of the day on their phones, 86% of which is spent using mobile apps.


Considering this consumer routine that is escalating day by day, there’s probably no argument about how important it is for businesses to target mobile app users. Consumers of this time and era want everything on their fingertips. They want to opt for the easiest, most reliable, and quickest way to shop anything and everything.

It is where their mobile devices and apps come into the picture. Gone are the days when businesses used to work hard to get to their target audience. Today, they do that with the help of an app, its push notifications, messages, and emails.


Reasons why it is crucial for businesses to have an app

Developing mobile apps for sales and business development is not just for big guns like Amazon or Walmart. Small businesses need mobile apps for their promotion and increased sales too, as mobile apps are the direct connection between businesses and consumers.

Let’s look at 6 most convincing reasons why your business should have a mobile app.

1.    Direct marketing channel

Mobile apps are undoubtedly the most useful resource in marketing these days. Businesses have come way past the days when they had to design and distribute flyers and pamphlets for their new marketing campaigns. Things have become digitized more than ever.

With an app, businesses can reach and inform their consumers about anything anywhere at any time. Push notifications and email or SMS subscription make it possible for the marketers to reach out to the consumers and directly market the new offer, product or service.

If your business does not have a mobile app yet, you are missing out big time. You are lacking in the easiest and the most convenient way of contacting your customers without moving an inch.


2.    Increased visibility to the customers

Have you noticed how people take out their phones and start searching for the business or company you just mentioned to them? It has become so common these days that people lookup for a company or service from their phones, simply expecting that its app will pop up in the search results.

This behavior of the consumers is further endorsed by the businesses who do have an app and are only a click away from their potential customers. Mobile apps increase your business’ visibility to your consumers and target audience. It is literally right there, in front of their eyes all the time, in the device they use for more than 2 hours a day!

Having an app is like being there for your customers always – and no business can do so without developing an app.


3.    Top-notch customer service

Customers are the ones who can drive your business up or take it down in a moment. We all do business for our customers. Therefore, customer service is the single most important thing that should be at the heart of every business policy or strategy.

A survey shows how businesses consider their mobile presence, the majority of which voted for customer service as the main purpose of their mobile app.


With the fact that mobile apps help businesses to be present for their customers all the time, it is quintessential for apps to have a live chat option. It gives a 24 hour round the clock reach to your customers’ queries and problems. It increases the brand image and helps establish trust among the consumers.

Moreover, app reviews are one of the best ways in which businesses can attain customer feedback and improve their game. For example, the AirG reviews worked really well on the ranking of its popular games, including the Big Barn World to enhance the functionality of its gaming apps.


4.    Increased brand awareness and recognition

Undoubtedly, mobile apps are the most effective and convenient way to up your brand awareness and recognition. Consumers of today are bombarded with tons of advertisement in a day; a handful of which they tend to forget.

However, your mobile app is the most effective way of getting to your consumers. Have your app designed in a way that stands out from others. You can make it stylish, graceful, or extremely simple to cater to the needs of your customers.

Additionally, your brand automatically gets recognition among your consumers when they hear about your app and download it. Even if there is no purchase, in the beginning, just your app sitting there on the mobile screen is enough of a reminder to use it.


5.    Enhanced customer engagement

Mobile apps of businesses and companies increase the rates of customer engagement by various methods such as intriguing designs, sales, offers, or discounts. The key to enhanced customer engagement through a mobile app is communication. If your app has features that make communication between you and your consumers easy, reliable, and quick to reach, you’ve probably hit the jackpot.

For this, you have to develop a mobile app that has the easiest way to shop or get service than any other option. Take an example of OpenTable. It makes the matter of several phone calls and endless waiting on the lines to get a hotel reservation just 4-5 clicks away.

All such services take away the hassle of waiting and going through a number of people to provide with a solution that keeps consumers coming back to the app for more.


6.    Location data

Nowadays, one of the most beneficial features that mobile apps are offering to businesses is consumer data. Apps come with an added feature of collecting location data related to the consumers, which has proven to be extremely valuable for marketing.

Through this, businesses can know and compile data about what their consumers are buying and from where. It helps establish a more concrete and pinpoint consumer demographics that is further helpful in developing marketing strategies and policies.



We hope these reasons convinced you of how undeniably important mobile apps have become for businesses nowadays. If you haven’t had an app developed for your business yet, go get it done, or you’ll be missing out on a lot of things.

Author Bio: About Michelle Joe: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her on Twitter @michellejoe524