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Why Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage When You Have Other Options Too?



Some move-outs also involve renting a storage space for weeks, months, or years based on the situation. A few people also rent storage units during the renovation. It’s becoming a common practice even though it costs an additional amount – convenience and safety make this choice more attractive. Many companies offer drive-up storage or indoor storage options. Each has its benefits, but indoor ones sometimes gain more attention. When talking about indoor units, you can imagine them to be climate- or temperature-controlled storage. They may lack humidity control, but these storage units maintain a suitable and stable temperature for the items stored inside them.

Have you ever rented such storage facilities before? If you didn’t, it doesn’t imply you will never. Hence, it makes sense to study these options. For knowledge, these units come with heat and air conditioning controls. You can expect them to cost more than a basic storage unit of the same size. After all, heating and cooling will have their energy bills. Still, only some temperature-controlled facilities tend to be expensive. You can also talk to your local mover and packer specializing in this area for some insights.

Items to store in the climate-controlled storage

Wood furniture or decorative pieces

Piano, guitar, or other musical instruments can be common items in a house. Some people introduce a lot of wooden furniture pieces to give their home a royal feel. All these things can be temperature-sensitive. You will want to protect them from moisture and hot temperature to avoid peeling and other types of damage.

Electronic equipment

Washing machines, LCDs, printers, and other devices are crucial, expensive, and common in any household. Excess heat and cold can be dangerous for their health. The liquid crystals of the LCD screens can freeze when exposed to a cold temperature, for instance. Hence, you will want to safeguard them until they reach their final address. And climate-controlled storage can be the best solution for them.

Other items

Leather material can be susceptible to heat and cold. Artwork and medicines also require a balanced temperature for their restoration and use. Like this, analyze each category of items to understand what you need to add to storage and why.

The comfortable environment of the storage units promises a better and longer life for your items. When you keep them in the house, fresh air and air conditioning help take care of them by default. You don’t need to make a special effort for their preservation. Then, anything under continuous use can survive well than something kept aside for long. You can expect these items to get damaged because of unregulated indoor temperatures. They can develop fungus or other such issues due to neglect. When you rent a storage unit for weeks and months, you may only have time to check on them occasionally.

You can avoid all your concerns by hiring a climate-controlled temperature unit. Talk to your moving company to see if they offer this service also. Many local companies are an expert in this area. Hence, you don’t need to worry about anything.


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