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Why should you make your pharmaceutical email lists GDPR-compliant?



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GDPR was introduced to protect the personal information of EU citizens. For businesses, it means modifying their strategies and reorganizing their pharmaceutical email lists to abide by the GDPR. This article covers how you can do that while succeeding in your marketing campaigns.

How does GDPR impact your business growth?

GDPR lets you build the trust and credibility necessary for a strong business relationship. Subscribers will be more aware of how their data is used, eliminating potential misunderstandings. We highlight a few important impacts it can have on your business growth-

  • It increases email open and click-through rates

Ideally, your emails should contain a link that takes your subscribers to your webpage. The click-through rate is the number of subscribers who clicked on the links out of the total number of subscribers to whom you sent these emails. When you acquire email addresses with consent, you increase the number of genuine subscribers in your pharmaceutical mailing list. More people will open your emails and click on the provided links.

  • It increases subscriber engagement

Subscribers associate your brand with trust when you provide value in every email. You can capture and retain their attention with content applicable to their business. But, to be able to do so, you need their permission before collecting their data.

On a side note, maintaining consistency throughout all your emails is equally important to increasing subscriber engagement. You have to provide a seamless visual experience as the subscribers move from your emails to the landing pages. Consistency makes it easier for subscribers to identify your brand in terms of tone, writing style, design, and brand colors.

  • It increases your email’s relevance to the subscribers

Asking subscribers for their consent is the perfect opportunity to know their interests. You can provide checkboxes for newsletters, press releases, and marketing emails, allowing them to choose the type of emails they want to receive. Segmenting the subscribers at the outset lets you send only relevant emails that can decrease the unsubscribe rate in the long run.

How can you make your pharmaceutical industry email list GDPR-compliant?

If your email list contains subscribers residing in the European Union (EU), you must comply with GDPR regardless of where your business is. Here are a few helpful methods-

  • Obtain consent and implement double opt-in

You must obtain your subscribers’ consent and confirm they want to be contacted. A pre-ticked box that automatically adds them to your pharmaceutical contact list during sign-up is no longer allowed. The subscribers need to manually opt-in by ticking the box themselves.

Double opt-in confirms that the subscribers did not accidentally sign up. Here, after providing their email address in the sign-up form, subscribers have to visit their inbox again and click on a link that verifies two things- one, that the email address exists and is in use, and two, that they want to receive your emails.

  • Store all the data in a single platform, such as a CRM

You can securely collect and manage subscribers’ personal data by storing it in a CRM. A CRM allows you to store basic data, such as name and contact number, and highly sensitive data, such as bank account information and contracts. You can track the subscribers’ activity and interactions with different departments when the data is in one place.

On the other hand, subscribers can exercise their right to be forgotten by unsubscribing from your pharmaceutical companies mailing list. It becomes easier for you to delete their data if it is stored in a centralized location.

  • Be transparent about how you will use the subscriber data

People conduct business with people they trust. Trust comes when people are honest and transparent about their actions. You must inform people about why you need their data and how you will use it. It is important to show that you treat them respectfully and use their data for valid reasons.

Alert your subscribers every time you update your privacy policy. Also, give them a way to unsubscribe. Otherwise, they may block your emails, hurting your sender’s reputation and affecting your communications with other subscribers. As a result, you will likely see an increase in unsubscribes, but it is better to engage genuine subscribers than disinterested ones.

  • Segment your pharmaceutical companies email address by subscriber interest

Segmenting your email list tells you your subscribers’ interests. It lets you focus your emails on specific topics instead of sending a generic campaign. Characteristics such as job title, company size, industry, location, and website behavior, give you sufficient information to personalize your emails and provide relevant content.


GDPR compliance allows subscribers to opt-in or out of your communications without restrictions. Building a consent-based pharmaceutical manufacturing industry mailing list or purchasing it from reliable data providers, such as Healthcare Mailing, lets you stay out of legal trouble while you grow your business.