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Why Use Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for Testing in Manufacturing Industries?



Consider a testing device that enables you to determine the thickness of a solid object—whether it be made of metal or a non-metal—without causing the object to be damaged. a portable but simple to use device. A time and money-saving tool with exceptional accuracy.

Ultrasonic thickness gauge in the USA uses high frequency sound waves and ultrasonic calibration blocks to measure the thickness of materials. This equipment operates by placing a transducer, a type of probe, on the material being evaluated.

Sound waves are generated by the transducer, travel through the material till they reach the other end, and then return to the transducer.


Ultrasonic thickness gauge Applications in Industries:

Ultrasonic thickness gauges are mostly used in manufacturing industries for material thickness and quality testing. In addition to assessing thickness, an ultrasonic thickness gauge in the USA may also look for flaws that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Some of these uses are:

Calculating the thickness of a wall:

To determine the thickness of materials or walls, ultrasound is employed. Monitoring wall thickness is crucial, particularly in industries where materials are exposed to intense heat and pressure.

For instance, to prevent mishaps and losses from explosions or leaks, stringent standards for wall thickness must be upheld in the petroleum business.

Checking for corrosion:

Rusting is a basic definition of corrosion. Utilizing an ultrasonic thickness gauge in the USA to regularly check metal surfaces for rust ensures that structures fulfill expectations and reduces safety hazards. 

Continuous corrosion inspections can also help you avoid needing frequent repairs, which will save you money and time.

Testing for material flaws:

The capability of an ultrasonic thickness gauge in the USA to identify flaws in solid materials is one of the features that sets it apart from other thickness testing tools.


Our Product Lines

Ge-Equipment has everything you’ll ever want. If you are looking for some best quality ultrasonic frequency gauge in the USA, you have come to the right place. Some of our key product lines include:


Handheld Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Krautkrämer CL5:

The Krautkrämer CL5 is ideal for exact thickness measurements of metal, steel, and plastic components, which are frequently challenging to verify with traditional gauges due to their complex geometry. 

As components become increasingly complicated in shape, it can accurately position the transducer and confirm the accuracy of the test by employing the optional live A-scan to display the ultrasonic response in real-time. 


  • The CL5’s straightforward one-handed usage in the field or at the bench is made possible by its user-friendly, transportable, and robust design.
  • Its unique design eliminates the need for specific keys and instead offers simple on-screen guidance.


DM5E corrosion ultrasonic thickness gauges:

The DM5E range of portable corrosion monitoring thickness gauges represents the industry’s highest standard.

The DM5E corrosion ultrasonic thickness gauge in the USA is compatible with our best-in-class probes, set the bar for accurate, user-friendly thickness measuring. Their user-friendly interface and straightforward calibration provide measurements you can rely on, even in the hardest working settings. They are lightweight and ergonomically suited for daily use.

The gadget is pre-programmed with the most popular probes (501, 503, 512, FH2E, and 591) to make your operations easier and produce more accurate data.


  • Straightforward operation automatically measures thickness, guiding you through each stage.
  • Modern dedicated probes enable enhanced high-temperature performance.
  • Dual-multi measurement is available in the DM5E and DM5E DL, making it possible to measure easily through protective coatings.
  • A built-in data logger for the DM5E DL is capable of recording up to 50,000 measurements.


Ultrasonic thickness gauge – UTG-4000:

Once calibrated to a known thickness or sound velocity, the UTG-4000 ultrasonic thickness gauge in the USA will reliably display measurements in either inches or millimeters.

Key Features:

  • This brand-new, cutting-edge ultrasonic thickness gauge is loaded with beneficial features that enable users to feel confidence about the displayed values for even the most important applications.
  • It uses color waveform A-scan and time-based B-scan for absolute precision. 
  • This multipurpose ultrasonic thickness gauge provides basic measurement, scan mode with Min/Max viewing, GO/NO GO display, Adjustable Sound Velocity, and Thru-Coating Capabilities, among other features. 
  • In conditions when conventional thickness gauges were ineffective, this dynamic ultrasonic thickness gauge was created to measure the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials.


One of the highest caliber ultrasonic thickness gauges in the USA is provided by Greenway Enterprise to its customers. Get in touch with us to place an order if you want to acquire premium quality ultrasonic thickness gauges.



What is the purpose of an ultrasonic thickness gauge?

A non-destructive testing technique called ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) is used to check the metal thickness of ship hulls, pipes, and structural steel. Many industries depend on thickness measurements to keep track of corrosion, erosion, and damage.

What is the accuracy level of ultrasonic thickness measurement?

Ultrasonic techniques enable quick and accurate thickness measuring in thickness gauging applications without requiring access to both sides of an item. In some applications, calibrated accuracies of up to 2 micrometers (0.0001 inch) are possible.

How do I pick an ultrasonic thickness gauge?

The most crucial considerations when choosing a gauge and transducer are the type of material and the range of thickness being measured. Most metals, ceramics, and glass are among the main technical materials that transmit ultrasound very effectively and are simple to test throughout a wide thickness range.

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