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World-Famous Custom Pillow Creator “That Pillow Guy” Just Launched a Revolutionary Company (All About Vibe) That Will Shake the Pillow Industry



Over the years, only one name has become the definitive authority for custom-made pillows in America. It’s none other than That Pillow Guy. As the world’s most famous custom pillow creator, That Pillow Guy has served thousands of satisfied customers over the course of his career. With the consistency of his products and services, he has managed to gather the most loyal clients in the pillow industry. It’s no surprise that he has worked with major clients and collaborations, which include MTV, AT&T, Red Bull, DreamWorks, CNN, and Facebook.

That Pillow Guy has also worked and collaborated with major celebrities like Snoop Dogg, The Game, Rick Ross, Lil Dicky, Paris Hilton, DJ Khaled, Khloe Kardashian, Eminem, and Carlos Boozer. He is the go-to guy for custom pillows that are extremely high-quality.

The sole focus of his brands all boils down to the American dream. After immigrating to America, he decided to create his business with an American mindset. With his company, he was able to build a team of Americans who were as passionate for good production and good service as he was. Their  focus from day one was on product quality, production speed, and quantity.

With his team of fifteen local employees, his companies are all situated at a 20,000 square-foot factory in Chicago, Illinois. However, the factory does not use any automation process at all. That Pillow Guy’s team is extremely dedicated craftsmen and women who are fully involved in the creation process of each pillow. Each pillow is handcrafted and carefully made on-demand, ensuring the quality of its products and customer satisfaction. Typically, most products placed outside of the holiday season take only 2 to 3 business days to create.

There’s no one else in the industry doing it quite like That Pillow Guy. They offer high-quality custom pillows that are functional and are totally unique to each customer. Their pillows serve as great gifts for friends or loved ones. Customers usually purchase custom pillows to commemorate a lost pet or to stay close to loved ones while they’re away from home.

That Pillow Guy cares deeply about the quality of their products and only uses the best production methods possible. Every step of the production process goes through rigorous quality control in order to maintain the quality integrity of their pillows. This gives customers from all across America the guarantee that their products are safe and locally made in the USA.

With the overwhelming success That Pillow Guy just launched his brand-new company, “All About Vibe,”. The ultimate goal for his new company is the total innovation of how pillows are used as home décor and outdoor furniture. He is currently building a team of over 200 licensed artists and 10,000+ unique designs. It’s only a matter of time before That Pillow Guy revolutionizes the custom pillow industry with his visionary methods.

That Pillow Guy is a man of passion for his craft, and he understands what his customers really want. For that reason, he has garnered tremendous success, and he is looking to conquer an even bigger market with his amazing and ambitious vision. That Pillow Guy definitely lives up to his name. He definitely is the absolute authority when it comes to pillows.

To learn more about That Pillow Guy, you can visit his website or check out LifeLike Pillows and All About Vibe’s online shop.

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