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ZFit Coaching on Helping Clients Realize Their Fitness Goals in the Comfort of Their Homes



While it is immensely easy to decide on adopting a healthier lifestyle and embarking on a fitness journey, the logistics behind these particular goals make the difference. For some, going to a gym in their area is challenging, especially with today’s COVID-19-imposed restrictions. Others are also stumped about where to start. The resolution of these various fitness problems serves as the fuel behind ZFIT Coaching’s establishment. 

Founded by certified sports nutrition and personal training coach Zairath Perez, ZFIT Coaching is a culmination of a series of personal life challenges. Years before, she found herself struggling to pass EMT and firefighting tests. In her determination to be stronger and perform her job to the best of her abilities, this highly recognized wellness enabler found a love for fitness. 

Today, Zairath Perez takes credit for the creation of several gyms and the launch of ZFIT Coaching. Intended to provide guidance for countless individuals who need support in their bid for a healthier lifestyle, ZFIT Coaching allows people to transform into the best versions of themselves.

This 44-year-old retired firefighter and paramedic banks on her numerous certifications to help people maximize their potential. She is not only a NASN Sports Nutritionist and a Powerlifting Club coach but is also CPR certified and a degree holder in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). As the head of the woman-owned and operated ZFIT Coaching, this respected coach equips clients with the knowledge and tools they need to realize their fitness and nutrition goals.

At ZFIT Coaching, a concierge-type experience can be enjoyed in the comfort and privacy of one’s home. With her services fully accessible to clients, anyone who comes under this venture’s wing is provided with weekly Zoom calls and regular check-in.

Since its establishment, ZFIT Coaching has managed to stand out because it refused to deliver cookie-cutter solutions to its clients’ fitness problems. Believing that every individual has unique needs, it goes the extra mile to customize plans. Additionally, the way it highlights the importance of accountability and mindset has propelled this institution to the forefront. 

As a coach-in-your-pocket program, ZFIT Coaching translates clients’ fitness-related vision into reality. It allows individuals to cross out their health-focused resolutions without the need for expensive and fancy pieces of equipment. All its clients need is space in their homes and, at times, some household items lying around.

Additionally, by putting a premium on discipline, ZFIT Coaching helps foster this value among its clients, enabling them to develop further and grow as individuals.

In the coming years, Zairath Perez aims to elevate ZFIT Coaching to greater heights, pushing it toward the top of the industry. At the same time, she is set to continue acting as the force behind people’s evolution into the best version of themselves. With her plans to cement her venture as a national brand and employ a full team of highly competent staff and professionals, she looks forward to lending a hand to countless more individuals who are ready to take control of their lives, their bodies, and their health. 

Learn more about ZFIT Coaching by visiting its Website.

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