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Zhaneria Rivers: An Alpha Woman and Fashionista by Natural Design



Self-confidence and a sense of high self-worth are necessities that every modern-day woman should have at all times. Fashion entrepreneur and consultant Zhaneria Rivers believes this to be true and works tirelessly to provide women all over with these two essentials. 

Zhaneria is the owner and operator of “Pretty, Polished, and Poised,” a fashion and lifestyle brand that seeks to uplift women of every color and age. She believes that every woman is beautiful both inside and out. Her goal is to allow women to shine their radiance by making them realize and manifest their true beauty.

A master of self-confidence and image, Zhaneria grew up knowing how important self-esteem is to a woman. In this day and age, image means a lot to us. But for the entrepreneur, it’s not just the outward beauty that counts. It’s also the inward beauty. That’s why she built her business on values that matter to her most. With her brand, she looks to break the mold of shallowness and create an entirely amazing woman who stands out for both inner values and outward appearance.

To Zhaneria, being pretty, polished, and poised is more than her business’ namesake. It’s her way of life. She owes much of her success to the realization of these principles in her life. Being pretty, polished, and poised has given her confidence to face every challenge and pursue every dream. Today, she is a budding “travelpreneur” who gets to see the world as she builds a decent living for herself through her online store and business consultancy businesses.

Pretty, Polished, and Poised is all about redefining the standards of women. Zhaneria and her army of patrons aim to demolish any stereotype that the world might throw a woman’s way. The foundational belief of the company is that all women are beautiful in their way. “It’s pretty much like this, all women are equal, and all women are beautiful,” explained Rivers. “We believe true beauty exists in the way a professional lady conducts herself, and the courteous way through which she treats other ladies as well.” Their products work only as a means of highlighting and enhancing one’s beauty.

The online store carries two basic categories of products. The first is a line of clothing and apparel that pass the certified fashionista’s high standards of quality. Pretty, Polished, and Poised also carries a line of cosmetic products that are guaranteed to be cruelty-free, vegan, hypoallergenic and paraben-free. To Zhaneria, skincare and health is the top priority of the brand, so the fashion expert only carries products that are proven to be safe for long term use.

With Pretty, Polished, and Poised, Zhaneria hopes to create a world where women shine because of who they are. Her brand has turned into a rallying cry for women who have found a new identity and who feel empowered to face whatever life challenge comes their way.

To learn more about Zhaneria Rivers and her brand, Pretty, Polished, and Poised, visit her website. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates.

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