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Calculate Fixed Deposit Interest Rates And Maturity Amount



Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit has been the most secure investment tool in the Indian market. The secure nature and the capacity to produce reasonable yield make it the most sought-after choice for Indian Investors. You can decide on the investment tenure at your convenience and open an FD with any bank or Non-Banking Finance company. The top attraction of the FDs to investors is the assured income after maturity. You can easily calculate the maturity amount for your FD with the FD Calculator India. 

How to calculate the Maturity amount of your FD with the online calculator? 

Calculating the maturity amount of your FD takes hardly a few seconds with the online FD Calculator India. It will help if you input the FD value and the investment tenure. Consequently, you need to select the Fixed Deposit Interest rate applicably. Once you provide the necessary information, you will get the figure instantly. This way, you can know the possible returns from your investment even before investing your corpus. Thus, you can calculate if the possible return on maturity can meet your financial goals. It helps the investor to decide how much money to invest for how long to meet specific financial objectives. 

The interest on the Fixed Deposit depends on the investment tenure. 

Even if the online FD interest calculator can calculate your return, it is important to know the factors that majorly impact the return. The foremost factor in this regard is the length of the investment tenure. In India, you can open a FD account with any Bank or NBFC for a minimum of a few days to 10 years. The payable interest in your case gets determined by the length you select. The higher the investment lock-in you qualify for, the higher the interest rate on the fixed Deposit. 

Cumulative or Non-Cumulative Payout 

Another major factor determining the FD interest rate and, consequently, the maturity amount is whether the investor opts for the Cumulative or the Non-Cumulative payout. Cumulative payout will restrict you from pulling out the interest midway between the investment tenure. You will get the capital and the interest earned for the selected lock-in time on completion of the investment tenure as the maturity value. As in this case, the interest accumulates; you will keep earning interest on the interest. Eventually, on maturity, you will get back a substantially higher amount. 

On the other hand, a Non-Cumulative payout entitles you to draw the interest earned at fixed intervals. Thus, you can generate a steady regular income for the entire investment tenure. However, as the interest earned does not accumulate, the total payout on maturity will be significantly lower than what you get in the Cumulative payout. 

As advice in this context, if you have the means to meet your daily income, you should always opt for a cumulative payout. It will extend better support to materialize your financial plans in the long run. 

Higher Interest Rate is admissible to senior citizens. 

Senior Citizens are usually offered higher interest rates on Fixed Deposits. It is because it fetches them better cash liquidity. You should always claim the benefit if you qualify for such a scheme. If you are not qualifying, you may consider investing the money in the names of qualifying family members. Especially if you are saving for your long-term plans, such schemes can fetch significant benefits. 

If you are running on Fixed Deposit Interest, the FD Calculator has much help to offer 

Are you a retired individual? If so, you will majorly live on your lifetime savings. In such cases, the FD interest rates can support your living by generating regular income. You can select the non-cumulative payment option and input the investment value and tenure to calculate how much money you will make at a given period. The calculation will let you know your income; thus, you can decide how much money you should invest in producing ample cash to meet your daily expenses. Thus, it makes sense to state that the FD Calculator helps the investor to come up with appropriate investments to support their lifestyle. Is what the online calculator is gaining rising popularity with time. 

The online calculator offers assistance even if you approach the FD with long-term financial goals. Based on the value you need to materialise your plan, you can calculate how much investment to make to get an adequate maturity amount. Thus, it is right to say that the online FD interest calculator helps investors to plan their investments appropriately. 

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